Geneva, Switzerland – With the new DiskAid 6, we are introducing a redesigned user interface and an completely reengineered application for iPhone and iPad file transfer with the Mac.

While DiskAid 6 keeps on offering music and video copy from iPhones, iPads or iPods to the iTunes’ library, it also marks a major breakthrough in iOS device data and file transfer management: unlike any competitor or predecessor DiskAid 6 allows access to the iOS file system from a computer wirelessly. Files, folders and documents are transferred between a Mac and any iOS device via any Wi-Fi network – no cable needed, no Jailbreak or SSH required.

Alongside with this powerful connectivity enhancement, DiskAid 6 allows simultaneous transfers with multiple devices, bringing DiskAid to an unrivalled level of versatility. It is now possible to manage numerous devices and documents from a single computer, all at the same time.

Furthermore DiskAid 6 no longer needs the device’s connection to transfer all data contents such as SMS text messages, contacts, notes, voicemail, voice memos and call history back to a computer. This awaited upgrade will noticeably facilitate retrieval of devices’ backup in the event of a loss, theft or destruction of an iPhone.

All DiskAid 5 licenses purchased after October 1st qualify for a free upgrade to DiskAid 6 Mac version.

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