Doncaster, United Kingdom – Today iOSAppleApps is proud to announce they are doing a Free app design consultation. That’s correct! All you have to do is email them your company website address and their team of highly qualified iOS developers will pull all the content that they need from the site and make you a free video design of how your app would look and work. If you like what you see iOSAppleApps will build you your full app and have it in the Apple App Store within month. If for any reason you are not happy with the free app design, you take it no further or just tell iOSAppleApps what ideas you have to improve the app.

That’s not all the good news, right now iOSAppleApps have an half price offer on there app making service, which makes it only 150 Euro $237 USD all in price for your very own iOS Apple App. There is no more cost whatsoever after that initial payment.

Terms and Conditions:
Reach out to millions of potential customers by distributing your content in the Apple App Store, with a simple to use iOS App. After your initial consultation, iOSAppleApps will design your custom made app. It will include information about you, your business and photos of your products in one easy to use location, accessible from any iOS device. Theses apps are not HTML5 website apps, they are of a much higher quality and will be available only in the Apple App Store. Let TheHermonApps know what you want and then sit back and let them do the rest!

Most apps will take approximately 5 days to create and another 7-10 days for Apple Store approval, where it is then passed for download from the Apple App Store. Once payment is clear your app is live for download forever and you have now opened your business to a whole new global audience!

On completion of the app and once payment has been cleared, the app will remain live in the Apple App Store forever. All apps must be Free to download in the app store, you will not be permitted to charge for download of your app.

Pricing and Availability:
For an app that takes approximately 5 days to create iOSAppleApps charges only 300 Euro or $474 USD (150 Euro or $237 USD if we start your app today as part of their special offer) and as part of their great customer service, they will offer one free update to the app within the first year. All other updates are charged at a cost of 75 Euro or $119 USD per update, however, one update per year should be sufficient for most businesses. All prices will be agreed upon before TheHermnonApps will start creating the app. You will only be charged for the app upon completion.

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Located in Doncaster, England, iOSAppleApps is part of TheHermonApps, a company founded by Craig Smart on 04/04/2012. Reach out to millions of potential customers by distributing your content in the Apple App Store, by letting us build your company the app it deserves. TheHermonApps now offers 12 apps live in the app store with many more great apps under development. Copyright (C) 2013 TheHermonApps. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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