Champaign, Illinois – Striped Sail announces the launch of a fine hardwood series for its designer iPad charging dock and stand, miFrame. The new series features hardwood frames built in Vermont by a master craftsman and is available in four premium woods: Lacewood, Mahogany, Walnut, and Curly Maple. The miFrame wood series is compatible with both iPad 2 and the iPad 3.

“Rich hardwood adds a nice touch of warmth to any room,” remarks Justin Elkow, the miFrame lead designer. “We wanted to offer miFrame in a variety of woods to match any interior decor. We chose Vermont for its world-renowned woodworking craftsmanship.”

Each frame is crafted with beveled inner and outer edges and subtle crisscross patterns in each corner. The frames are made from solid hardwood for sturdiness, quality, and durability. Like every other miFrame Striped Sail has released, the new product can charge iPad with its built-in dock connector in both portrait and landscape orientations and it comes with an extended 5′ USB cable so miFrame can be positioned in just the right place and still reach an outlet.

Very unique to Striped Sail’s miFrame iPad dock, the product serves dual purposes. On the one hand it can hold an iPad upright while a user checks mail and surfs the web. On the other it’s a functional 8×10 picture frame when iPad is in its case out-and-about.

miFrame retains its charm with or without iPad so most people place miFrame in the same spaces they would put a picture frame: on a table in the living room, on the kitchen counter, displayed on a bookshelf or resting next to the bed on a nightstand. It is versatile and beautiful plus it displays iPad horizontally in landscape too, a great feature for viewing slideshows.

Pricing and Availability:
Frames are available in many premium finishes including 24k gold, rose gold, antique copper, anodized aluminum (both silver and black), themed glass designs and now lacewood, walnut, mahogany and curly maple woods. miFrames ship worldwide and are available for the original iPad, iPad 2 and the iPad 3 and start for as little as $139.

Lacewood (Limited Edition) – $729
Lacewood is a rare wood that is recognized for its ornate fleck patterns that run against the grain. It’s a deep dark red and will catch the eye of the most discerning luxury collector. This version is guaranteed to impress. Only 50 will ever be made.

Mahogany – $579
Mahogany is a tropical hardwood with a reddish-brown hue. It is the wood of choice for an executive desk. The wood speaks of enduring wealth.

Walnut – $579
Walnut is a dark wood with hints of chocolate. The wood features well defined grains making each walnut miFrame unique. This wood speaks of strength and boldness.

Curly Maple – $479
Curly maple offers tiger striped patterns that run against the normal grain. This light colored wood will brighten up a room. This wood speaks of fun and intrigue.

Placing your iPad into these frames will create a look combining the cutting edge digital experience of iPad with the timelessness of handcrafted wood. In time for the holidays, the new wood miFrames start shipping Monday, November 12th to destinations worldwide.

Striped Sail

Striped Sail was born in February 2010, and focused on creating sophisticated and modern styled environmentally accountable accessories for Apple’s mobile products. Striped Sail designs and markets miFrames, fine 8×10 picture frames with a hidden dock connector designed to dock and charge Apple’s iPad tablets. miFrames are celebrated for their style, versatility, and functionality and they are recognized as a top choice iPad accessory for designer homes, luxury hotels, and executive offices. miFrame and Striped Sail are trademarks of Striped Sail Ltd. Apple and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

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