Ann Arbor, Michigan – A new LED light bulb with millions of colors controlled by a Smart Device will make home lighting control easier and more energy efficient.

Available April 1, 2013, the Mood LED by zSmart has been selected as one of 3 worldwide “Breakthrough Prototype Finalists” from official Bluetooth Special Interest Group. The Bluetooth SIG announced the finalists at the 2013 Consumer Electronic Show, showcasing the Mood LED at their media event.

“The zSmart Mood LED light bulb uses Bluetooth Smart technology to allow users the utmost control over their lighting, specifically in regards to color – in prototype form now, this product showcases where Bluetooth technology has the potential to light up home automation scenarios,” said Suke Jawanda, Bluetooth SIG CMO.

The Mood LED is a 6 Watt LED light bulb in the shape of a traditional incandescent bulb. With an APP, the Mood LED can change to millions of colors – including white, have the brightness adjusted, and be turned on and off.

A limitless bulb network can be created, or a consumer can simply control one bulb. And, to make it easy to identify and control the Mood LED, each bulb may be given a special name – i.e. “Sarahs Room”. All done simply within the free APP.

LEDs are an energy efficient way for consumers to light their homes, yet with the same functionality of a traditional light bulb at a higher cost. This has prevented many consumers from transitioning to LED lighting. zSmart is hoping to draw more consumers to these energy efficient products by providing features and connectivity in an LED bulb that don’t currently exist.

So, why Bluetooth?

“We wanted to keep up with the theme of LEDs providing an energy efficient use of electricity. The Mood LED stays away from energy draining routers or other complex networks for feature control with the use of Bluetooth, and are very proud of the recognition from the Bluetooth group” said Arnold Goetzke, zSmart President.

Utilizing Bluetooth 4.0, the Mood LED has a wireless control range of up to 100 feet. This version of Bluetooth is available on the latest iOS products, including the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad2, and iPad mini.

With the Mood LED being equivalent to a 50 watt incandescent bulb, it generates an 80% energy savings.

The Mood LED simply replaces the existing incandescent bulb, with no extra components required. A standard wall switch can still be used to power the bulb ON and OFF when it is not convenient to use a Smart Device.

zSmart has established an IndieGogo campaign for people interested in supporting the Mood LED and being the first to receive the product. Based on a successful campaign, the Mood LED will be available April 1, 2013 with an expected retail price of $49.95. The app will be free.

Mood LED
Mood LED on indiegogo
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zSmart is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based corporation with a mission to provide innovative products that can be controlled by a smart device. zSmart has been recognized for its innovation, being a finalist for a worldwide Bluetooth Breakthrough award for 2012. All products are patented or patent pending. Copyright (C) 2013 zSmart. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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