St Petersburg, Florida – Finally something that makes sense: all important secret codes, which are being used in everyday life, may now be entrusted to the app iPIN. The universal app is available for the iPhone and iPad, and is also being offered as an app for the Mac. Both apps may be synchronized via iCloud. This means that all PINs, user IDs and passwords, which have been entered on the computer, may be retrieved at a later point in time comfortably on a mobile device.

The software manages all passwords in an encoded (AES 256), internal data safe. It is impossible for outsiders to secretly access the sensitive data. To open the data safe a secret password is required – the very last one a user ever needs to remember again.

A special feature of the mobile iPIN on iOS devices: a unique display mode hides the retrieved information in a jumble of numbers and letters. Not even data thieves, which might be looking over the user’s shoulder while he is working with iPIN, will have a chance to memorize a displayed code. Additionally, iPIN can be set up to display passwords and PINs in reverse.

Frank Moeller of the responsible company Ibilities Inc: “We are absolutely delighted, that our app iPIN has been so well received. Apparently we are heading in the right direction with our KISS principle – Keep it simple and safe. We are more than pleased to have received over one thousand 5-star ratings in the App Store. To show our appreciation and gratitude for all the customer enthusiasm we are starting a huge discount promotion.”

Frank Moeller: “In the Mac App Store our app can be found in the top 25 charts. We would be thrilled if we could, for once, dethrone the Lion – known as Mac OS X Mountain Lion – as far as the number of downloads are concerned.”

Pricing and Availability:
From now until Monday evening iPIN prices are reduced by 50%. iPIN for iOS is therefore being offered at only $1.99 (USD), instead of $3.99. The Mac version is available for $4.99, instead of $9.99. Journalists, which would like to test the iOS or Mac program, may request a promotional code for the Mac App Store from Presseburo Typemania. With the code the app may be obtained and tested free of charge.

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Ibilities Inc. is a young company focusing on apps for Apple products. It is based in St Petersburg, FL and the CEO is Frank Moeller. Their goal is to develop useful apps to make life a little easier. Copyright (C) 2013 Ibilities Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac OS X and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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