Fresno, California – JunkIt 1.0 was just released as a add-on for Mac users who want an easy-to-use method for preventing unwanted emails from piling up in their inboxes. If you have used the junk mail filter in on the Mac, you know that even with the best training, you can still be left with hundreds of unwanted emails. What’s worse? Spam-filtering programs often make it possible to do so much that the average user becomes overwhelmed with the process of setting up special boolean rules and filters.

JunkIt handles traditional spam by junking emails with obscene or adult content and those with forbidden senders or keywords specified by the user as junk mail. But what really sets JunkIt apart from other spam filter programs is its “reverse highlighting” feature. This takes some getting used to, but it works on the idea that when looking at a highlighted list our eyes actually focus on the unhighlighted lines rather than the highlighted ones. JunkIt thinks users should spend extra time on the emails somebody took the extra time to write. It does this by allowing users to specify Permitted Greeting Lines such as “Dear Bob,” “Dear John Smith,” “John,” etc. Any email a user receives without one of these approved greeting lines has its background color turned yellow. Any with those approved greeting lines keeps its white background color. The result is that users can quickly see, at-a-glance, which emails are the most important for them to focus on: the unhighlighted ones.

How do users know if JunkIt is working? JunkIt works with Growl to provide notifications that pop up on the screen alerting users of how each email is processed. Users are told whether or not the email is being “kept” or “junked” along with the sender’s email as well as the reason the email is being kept or junked. During the initial phases of JunkIt, users can turn the Growl preference on to see if JunkIt is processing each email as they wish. After JunkIt starts filtering emails correctly, users can turn the Growl preference off to keep those notifications from popping up on their screen.

JunkIt also comes with some other options, such as junking one-liner emails, specifying a mailbox for clean emails, as well as options for tracking those people who are spamming the most. So users can customize the preferences to their desires. If you’re looking for another tool to help you handle the onslaught of email coming at you each day, JunkIt might be worth giving a try.

Pricing and Availability:
The demo version comes with all of the functionality of the full version but with reminders that pop up every once in awhile to remind users to purchase the full version. The full version of JunkIt is $18.95 (USD).

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