Hong Kong – AppCoda today is proud to announce the launch of its first iOS programming book – Learn iOS 7 Programming from Scratch. It’s a hands-on guide for first time app developer. If you’re new to Objective-C and programming, creating an iOS app from scratch may be difficult for you. This book will teach you everything you need to build your first iOS app. Based on the tutorials of our popular programming course, you’ll learn iOS 7 programming from the ground up and build some real apps.

It’s not a book that just teaches you theory. You’ll get lots of hands-on exercises and projects. We believe the best way to learn programming is to “Get Your Hands Dirty”. In each chapter, you’ll learn to build an app with some really cool features. With tons of illustrations and screenshots, you’ll be able to follow the guide easily. Not only you’ll get a 400-page book, you also get full source code for your own use.

What You’ll Learn with This Book:
This 400-page book is based on our popular iOS programming course that has benefited thousands of readers. The book starts with the basics and walks you through step-by-step to create iOS apps using iOS 7 SDK and Xcode 5 (or up). After you learn how to build a simple iPhone app, you’ll learn how to master table view and build a simple recipe app. Each chapter you’ll learn something more advanced than the one before. The book covers some of the most common interface components such as buttons, navigation bar, page view controller, collection view, etc. After reading the book, we’re sure you’ll master iOS 7 programming and be able to create your own apps. Here are some of highlights of the book:

* 30-chapters that takes you from basics to building real iPhone apps
* Tons of screenshots to illustrate every step
* Packed full of reusable examples and Xcode projects
* Master the basics of Objective-C language
* Master UITableView to create dynamic table
* Learn how to master UICollectionView, navigation controller and web view
* Integrate your app with Parse cloud and Core Data
* Utilize search bar to search table data
* Techniques to localize your app into multiple languages
* Work with the built-in camera to capture photo and record video
* Implement file sharing feature using AirDrop

What People Say about the Book:
* “I really like your book!” – Tom Taulli, Writer for Forbes

* “I have to say, first book in a bloody long time that I could not put down. A programming book, who would have thought. I knocked over 14 chapters over the weekend and feel nothing can stop me. Thank you for creating such an accessible book. It really has been a fun book and I can’t wait continue with the next half tomorrow.” – George Zagas

* “After trying 2 for dummies books I was ready to give up on becoming an app developer, but after only 9 chapters of your book I have an app ready to launch on the app store!!” – Jonathan Dolden

* “I have bought more than 10 books before I discovered yours, and it’s really the best one!!! ” – Remy Spehler

* “Thanks for the excellent book! You keep things really simple and lead us step by step throughout the process. The graphics too are extremely useful in making the point.” – Shawn

Learn iOS 7 Programming from Scratch
Book Cover

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