Edinburgh, Scotland – RunRev today is proud to announce that LiveCode 6.6, the popular cross platform app development environment, is available. This release brings automatic scaling and handling of Retina screens to the desktop platforms, in line with the existing iOS and Android support. Also in this release open SSL and encryption support have been added for the mobile platforms. LiveCode continues to increase the feature parity available on all six supported platforms it offers.

Kevin Miller, CEO of RunRev Ltd, said “We recognise that whilst the mobile platforms are continuing to grow and mature in terms of apps and development, the desktop platforms are vitally important to developers and end users alike. We are proud to offer seamless support for a huge variety of screen sizes, shapes and densities with LiveCode 6.6. Now you can write the same single line of code to handle scaling for your app on the smallest Android device and the largest Mac Retina screens.”

The full feature line-up for LiveCode 6.6 is:
* Stack scaling – Zoom in and out to view your project on different screen sizes and densities
* High DPI support for Windows and Mac screens – Beautiful crisp app interfaces on every device and platform
* A new Show all fullscreen mode – New option to tell LiveCode how you want your app to be scaled
* SQLite updates and improvements – built in support for SQLite 3.8.3, plus binary data is now supported improving compatibility of data with external systems where required
* Image filtering improvements giving better image displays across platforms
* Proxy Auto detection – apps can now automatically tunnel outside a network with zero configuration
* HTTPS is now supported through a proxy improving security options
* Open SSL & encryption support added for iOS and Android. This allows you to use the encrypt and decrypt commands on the mobile platforms in exactly the same way you would on desktop
* Hashbangs ‘#!’ is now recognised by LiveCode Server – this brings the LC Server engine more in line with expected behaviors in the Unix/server scripting world
* iOS 7.1 support – the latest iOS release from Apple is now supported
* 55 Further fixes and enhancements

This release completes the achievement of the promised stretch goal “Resolution Independence” from the hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, run last year to take LiveCode Open Source. Find out more about LiveCode 6.6 from the What’s new url below or download the full release notes for LiveCode 6.6.

LiveCode 6.6
What’s New
Download Release Notes
Kickstarter Campaign

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, RunRev has a vision that everyone can code. It makes the open source LiveCode platform for building native mobile, desktop and server applications. The visual workflow allows the user to develop apps live, while the natural language syntax is powerful and uniquely accessible. Commercial successes include both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. LiveCode apps have grossed over US $100 million and include #1 best sellers, enterprise business systems, games and productivity tools. The company is committed to promoting digital literacy – schools using the platform have seen a doubling of uptake for their CS courses. In 2013 RunRev began an exciting initiative to provide an open source version of the LiveCode software. The first version of this, LiveCode Community, launched in April 2013. Copyright (C) 2014 RunRev Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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