Aachen, Germany – ChungwaSoft today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of SendLater 1.0 for Mac OS X, their new plugin for Apple’s Mail application. SendLater allows anyone to send an email at an arbitrary date and time in the future. Hence, delivery of an email is completely decoupled from the composition of the same email. With SendLater, users can write their email late in the night and let SendLater automatically send it the next morning or the next working day.

Normally, emails are immediately sent to the recipient when you press Mail’s “Send” button. With SendLater there is another button that allows you to send the email at an arbitrary date and time in the future. SendLater’s added functionality is more than handy in the following situations:

* Never forget birthday emails again! With SendLater you can compose your birthday email way ahead of the actual date of that birthday. When you are done with the email, simply define the exact date when to send the email and SendLater will make sure that your email arrives exactly at that date. The same works for weddings, New Year’s Eve and other occasions, of course.

* Working late? Answering emails late? Then SendLater is the tool you need! With SendLater you can compose emails whenever you like and make sure that they are not send before the next working day starts. By this approach you can avoid customers thinking that you answer emails all around the clock. To the recipient it seems that you are only available during business hours.

Pricing and Availability:
There is a special launch offer for SendLater 1.0: Instead of 8.95 Euro, the plugin can be purchased for only 4.95 Euro until the end of September.

SendLater 1.0
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