Seattle, Washington – September marks the end of summer, but not the end of fun! Melesta Games is helping gamers stay playful all year round by giving away the company’s most successful titles! For a limited time the original Toy Defense, Rolling Idols: Lost City HD, and Space Roadkill are completely Free on the Apple App Store. Toy Defense 2 for Android in Google Play Store is 50% off. The offer runs Sept. 2-8.

Toy Defense is a classic World War I strategy game that was voted Best Strategy Game of 2012 by All About Casual Game. Toy Defense lets players experience the challenges of military command as they defend their base from waves of enemies. Toy Defense 2 is an epic tower defense game, set in World War II. It is packed with challenging logical levels, amazing features, a big selection of fighting units for each world, and more intense action than ever.

Rolling Idols: Lost City HD is a match-3 puzzle game set in the world of the ancient Mayans. The peaceful jungle paradise must be saved from an ancient evil called Nibiru. Anyone can become the ultimate hero if they have enough strength to overcome all challenges.

Melesta Games’ newest MMORPG, Toy Monsters, is free across both iOS and Android platforms as well as a Web version for PC users. No one should sit back when monsters are attacking!

Finally, Space Roadkill an addictive zombie-smashing arcade racing game is now free. The action takes place on a distant planet full of zombies and mutants. Zombie obstacles and cool rides push players’ driving skills and adrenalin to the limit.

Start autumn off in a good mood with the Melesta Games End of Summer Giveaway. We hope that Toy Defense,Rolling Idols: Lost City HD, and Space Roadkill will give a fun boost to the back to work or back to school routine.

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