Seattle, Washington – To get players in the mood for Halloween, Melesta Games has launched spooky updates to its most popular games and is dropping prices for a special limited-time Halloween Sale!

The World War I-themed tower defense game, Toy Defense, has been updated with grim new levels and enemies affected by fearsome Halloween magic. Players will cross paths with trick or treaters who will help defeat enemies in exchange for treats – otherwise, watch out for their nasty tricks! Unique new achievements will reward players for every success. The newly-updated Toy Defense is currently 60% off!

The sequel to Toy Defense, Toy Defense 2, has also been updated with 13 fearful new missions against mystical new enemies. Notorious bad guys Jason Voorhees, Jack the Ripper, and Freddy Krueger are available to command your armies in this dreadful battle, but only the most courageous gamers would dare to hire them! Toy Defense 2 is also on sale for 60% off for Halloween.

Match-3 fans can take a pumpkin-filled journey though the Mayan jungles in the updated Rolling Idols puzzle game. Big pumpkin gives players bonus coins and stars, while smaller pumpkins can be gifted to friends and used as protection from Halloween evil! The update also introduces pumpkin elements onto the game field that yield extra stars and coins when matched. Rolling Idols is now an incredible 80% off!

The zombie-themed racing game Space Roadkill is now 60% off. Players find themselves on a nightmare planet infested with hordes of zombies eager for blood. The only way to escape from the madness is to jump into a vehicle and speed back to Earth!

And finally, for players who just want candy for Halloween without the tricks, there’s Zuba! – a cute arcade racing game where players help Zuba find his stolen candies. The game is 60% off for a limited time.

Melesta Games’ latest holiday sale and Halloween updates are all about making Halloween as colorful, fun, and unforgettable as possible. Choose your favorites or try them all!

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