Hong Kong – Cross Culture is thrilled to announce today Mergemill Pro 4.5, an update to their versatile data processing automation tool. The latest release fixes all known bugs and brings a number of improvements, like the new output option to export speech to audio files. It is the last update to support the PowerPC CPU on the Mac OS X platform.

Daniel Taylor, an active Mergemill Pro user, relies on the software to tackle some data processing tasks otherwise hard to do. “I’ve had plans to use it for a major integration project. Now that I finally get to pull the trigger, I’m very impressed,” wrote Taylor. “I continue to be surprised and impressed with MergeMill, as I keep using it to solve automation problems my colleagues can’t figure out,” he said further in another email.

“We have designed Mergemill Pro to be a versatile data processing automation tool from the very beginning,” said Vitus Chak, Managing Director of Cross Culture Ltd. “Users may use it to extract data from the Web, transform them into desired formats, integrate them into a centralized data store, then analyze and summarize them into useful information. Such information may reveal patterns, relationships and trends that provide important and meaningful insight that support strategic decisions. These decisions may in turn increase revenue, reduce costs, or lead to an adaptive and intelligent response to a situation. In this entire process, Mergemill Pro can be an enabler that automates many of the steps.”

Mergemill Pro can process multilingual data. Database users may use it to cleanse and de-duplicate data to improve data quality. They may use it to do survey by email without a website, and automate the conversion of text file formats between CSV, XML, and tab-delimited text. The program also enables users to easily migrate data between ODBC-compliant databases.

Web publishers may use Mergemill Pro to reap the many benefits of generating static Web pages, analyze Web logs to obtain crucial stats of their website traffic, and freely test and learn powerful regular expressions. They may automate the conversion of text encoding, monitor Web page changes automatically, and send customized and personalized emails to opt-in lists. The program enables users to turn Web text, emails and generated content into speech in near-natural voices for podcasts or automated voice announcements, and to extract important Web data at scheduled times to update their websites accordingly.

Mergemill Pro takes diverse sources of data, such as databases, Web pages, e-mails and more, and then merges them with templates to produce the desired output, from Web pages to customized e-mails. The program features powerful data-processing capabilities such as data filters, multi-level data sorting, BASIC scripting, and multiple search-and-replace actions. It supports Unicode and other text encodings, and has project scheduling and auto-run functionality. Users can control output in templates through scripting with tags.

Pricing and Availability:
Mergemill Pro 4.5 is available for Macs running OS X 10.5 or higher and PCs running Windows XP or above. It can be purchased online for the retail price of $79 (USD). The update is free for registered users of all previous versions.

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