Hong Kong – Cross Culture is proud to announce today Mergemill Pro 4.6, an update to their versatile data processing automation tool. The latest release brings important improvements and bug fixes, as well as a new job processing option to easily convert data format between tab-delimited text, csv, and xml files.

CSV and tab-separated values are widely used data formats, and the unicode-friendly XML is quickly rising in popularity. One important advantage, among many, of using XML is that it may include a character encoding declaration. This makes it very easy to migrate multilingual data. In cases where unicode data in CSV or TSV formats cannot be recognized by Microsoft Excel, for example, converting them into XML with Mergemill Pro may solve the problem.

There is an increasing critical need to convert data in order to transfer them between data stores or to enable further processing. The latest Mergemill Pro update makes this really easy. Users may add a data processing job that uses the new “Convert data file format” output option, and specify a source file or folder and the output format and location. Mergemill Pro then quickly copies the item names, reads and writes the data values in proper formats, and converts the text encoding the user specified.

“We have designed Mergemill Pro to be a versatile data processing automation tool from the very beginning,” said Vitus Chak, Managing Director of Cross Culture Ltd. “Users may use it to extract data from many sources such as the Web, transform them into desired formats, integrate them into a centralized data store, then analyze and summarize them into useful information. Such information may reveal patterns, relationships and trends that provide important and meaningful insight that support strategic decisions. These decisions may in turn increase revenue, reduce costs, or lead to an adaptive and intelligent response to a situation. In this entire process, Mergemill Pro can be an enabler that automates many of the steps.”

Pricing and Availability:
Mergemill Pro 4.6 is available for Macs running OS X 10.5 or higher and PCs running Windows XP or above. It can be purchased online from the Mergemill website for the retail price of $79.00 (USD). The update is free for registered users of all previous versions.

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