Edinburgh, United Kingdom – The Infinite Kind today is absolutely delighted to announce that Moneydance 2014 is now available. This release brings several uniquely innovative new features designed to make keeping track of your finances easy and enjoyable.

Natural Language Entry:
Entering transactions in Moneydance is now as quick and easy as it gets with natural language entry. Start typing a transaction description into the search field and Moneydance will intelligently fill in the details based on natural language date parsing and your history. For example, typing “2.34 sta” will display a transaction entry panel with the name Starbucks, category “Coffee”, today’s date under the last account to have a transaction for Starbucks. The description, category and account are filled in based on your history. Confirm and record the suggested transaction with a single click or use the suggested interpretation as a starting point to edit the new transaction.

In addition to being the fastest way ever devised to enter transactions, the search field doubles as an interpreter for math expressions and instant currency converter. Type any number or math expression and watch Moneydance instantly show the result. In addition, simply add any currency ID to immediately see the result of the calculation in every other currency

Redesigned Budgeting:
We’ve design an incredible new budgeting interface to make saving money as easy as possible while gaining the advantages of systems such as envelope budgeting. A bright and easy interface now lets you see an instant summary of your budget position, actual vs budgeted status for specific spending categories, and immediate feedback when entering your budgeting goals.

With one click, you can create a budget based on your current spending levels or roll-over a budget from a previous month along with unspent funds.

Transaction Attachments:
You can now attach images, PDFs, and any other file to Moneydance by right clicking and selecting “Add Attachment”, or by dragging and dropping an image or file onto a transaction. Moneydance will safely keep images of receipts, important documents, or any other file that you’d like to store with your finances. Thumbnails of PDF and image files are shown inline in your transaction register and can be opened with a quick click or tap.

Banking and Investing Together:
Investment accounts can now work just like a bank account, enabling you to track brokerage accounts that support check writing, debit cards, and other more traditional banking operations in an account that simultaneously supports trading.

Moneydance can even import your finances directly from Quicken Essentials for Mac, or from files exported by financial institutions and other software such as Quicken for Mac or Windows. Manage your investments, as well as save time and money by sending payments and banking online with hundreds of supported banks.

Pricing and Availability:
Moneydance 2014 is available for immediate download from our web site and soon from the Mac App Store. Moneydance can be purchased for $49.99 (USD), and is a free upgrade for anyone who purchased Moneydance 2012 from our site or the Mac App Store. Customers who purchased earlier versions may upgrade for $24.99. A free, fully-functional trial is also available, allowing users to enter up to 100 manual transactions before requiring a purchase. Imported and downloaded transactions are not limited in the free trial, and no features are restricted.

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