Cambridge, Canada – A cute monkey that glows, breaking branches and birdy boosters are just some of the items players will encounter in MoKool Apps’ release title Monkey Jump. After Mokool Apps has garnered over a million downloads for its smaller games in just over a year and is now releasing its first major title, Monkey Jump.

“With the great response to Go Bananas and our games so far, we are super excited about Monkey Jump and to see the excellent response from all our users as this game has many more missions, power up and exciting game play,” said executive producer, Mukul Verma.

Created by Mukul and Bhavnita Verma, the game has been called addictive, entertaining and a level of fun in the best Mario tradition. The premise is simple – collect as many bananas as possible while avoiding broken branches, explosive coconuts and birds of prey. Bananas are the chosen currency of the game, allowing players to purchase a variety of items that includes a super boomerang to help the Monkey eliminate all obstacles in their way.

Monkey begins his journey leaping from branch to branch accrue bananas and earn points. Players will find a variety of means to assist the endearing little primate in climbing to new heights while collecting banana and avoiding dangers.

The app is available exclusively for the iPhone and iPad and can be found at the iTunes store. Bold, bright and vivid graphics provide eye candy for players and the app features catchy music. Gamers have the opportunity to obtain free bananas at the beginning of the game by tweeting about the game, liking it on Facebook or watching a short video.

To collect bananas, Monkey must navigate an increasingly difficult series of challenges that includes broken branches, eagles, and exploding coconuts. Finding a super fruit gives Monkey a glow and makes him immune to the depredations of the games denizens that would thwart him on his quest. Birdy boosters are strategically placed to carry Monkey higher up trees in his journey and bouncing branches provide added lift.

Some branches yield welcome surprises to assist with multiple jumps, and players can purchase super fruits, birdy boosters, a super boomerang and extra bananas to facilitate Monkey’s rise to the top. The game is over if the primate lands on an exploding coconut, misses a branch, lands on a broken branch or is knocked off his precarious perch by a marauding eagle. Monkey Jump includes a tutorial and leaderboard with the player’s high score and total games played.

While most developers are creating games that are increasingly more complicated, Monkey Jump is an app that utilizes the latest technology for a game that’s simple escapism at its best. Gamers can take Monkey Jump with them anywhere in the world for hours of good clean fun at the airport, on commutes, at home, on the go or anytime players need a break from the stress and pressures of the real world.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 5.1 or later
* 35.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Monkey Jump 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. For more information, visit MoKool Apps online.

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