Cupertino, California – People around the world who want to enjoy the benefits of healthy living in a way that goes far beyond just dieting and counting calories, can now download the innovative new app My Life’s Goal (MLG) from Time to Information, and clearly see a projection how the changes they make today can help them achieve the healthy body that they’ve always wanted 10 years from now.

Designed for anyone who wants to lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight, My Life’s Goal features an integrated weight management system that identifies each user’s BMI for both their current and target weight, and tracks their progress towards that goal. Plus, users are motivated along the way by a female or male silhouette that adjusts as they improve, and by a stream of helpful information on current and future trends regarding fat, sugar, antioxidants, exercise, sleep, and so on.

Many young people don’t bother to diet, thinking that they’ll always look as slim as they do today, but what if they could see themselves in 10 years. While society would like to believe that young people are becoming more health conscious, the reality for young people is that they care mostly about how they look. My Life’s Goal helps them to see what they’ll look like in 10 years if they keep living the way they are today. They will see the effect computer activity, smoking, exercise has on their bodies 10 years from now. They will be motivated to change their habits in order to align to the look they want 10 years from now, thus establishing a set of goals that could last a life time.

“Being healthy is more than just a diet, it’s a way of living,” commented Terry Billingsley of Time to Information. “Now with My Life’s Goal, users simply answer a few brief questions about how they live today, and they’ll see themselves 10 years from now – and can decide whether it’s the future they want to embrace, or need to change. Quite simply, My Life’s Goal is the perfect tool for anyone who doesn’t have the time to count calories, and wants lasting results!”

My Life’s Goal, the innovative new app that helps envision and achieve the healthy body they’ve always wanted, is available in the App Store.

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