Aarhus, Denmark – MyAppleSpace is excited to introduce a new platform for Apple Social Networking. Apple fans everywhere can start their own community space, with just the click of a button. Each community space has a dedicated forum, blog, photo and video library, wiki-pages, file server, bookmarks and chat. Launching your own community space transforms MyAppleSpace into your community space. Apple fans everywhere can join your space, add content, interact with other members and chat. You are the administrator.

With the new MyAppleSpace platform, a revolution in website navigation has arrived. On most websites you must first choose the type of content before you can search for the specific content. As an example, you might first click on image library on a website, and then begin your search for i.e. photos of iMacs. Next you might go back to the front page and click on the video library and then once again search for i.e. iMac. This continues in the forum and blog area etc.

Wouldn’t it be much nicer if you first search for i.e. iMac and then came to a hub that contained all the different types of content on your search query? This makes MyAppleSpace a great resource for finding content, and for the same reason it’s just as great for sharing your own favourite content with the Apple community. Why? Because the Apple community will actually be able to locate your content and enjoy it.

“I have gotten lost for hours just browsing the spaces”, states founder Brian Floe. “you can dive into a subject of your choice, whether it be old Apple II machines, iPhones or even rumours of future Apple products and you will have all content about this subject available in one space. And then you jump to the next space and the whole website transforms itself and seemingly is only dedicate to this subject. It’s something you have to get your hands on before the dime drops”

Did you ever want to start a website and interact with your visitors? Launch a space on MyAppleSpace right now and in 5 minutes you’ll be up and running with a fully interactive space dedicated to your topic of choice. Invite your friends to join and admire your new community space on MyAppleSpace – a little space for the rest of us.


Located in exciting Berlin, Germany, MyAppleSpace was founded by Brian Floe in 2008. MyAppleSpace is aimed at providing Apple fans around the globe a place to connect, cultivate relationships and build their own community. Copyright 2008-2013 MyAppleSpace. All Rights Reserved. Apple, and the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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