Austin, Texas – The creators of Goodnight ABC have once again managed to capture children’s imagination with their new App The Nutcracker and the Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese.

The new Nutcracker App for iPad from AppyPup may be deeply rooted in tradition, but it certainly is anything but conventional. The Nutcracker and The Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese is the most unique yet charming reinterpretation of E.T.A. Hoffman’s classic. Hoffman’s 200 year old tale has inspired great artists and fascinated numerous audiences, but never before have youngsters had a chance to experience this enchanting fable of kindness and courage in such delightfully cozy, interactive, and, yes, educational way.

Set to the real symphonic rendering of Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet, the App features an animated intro, a storybook, 7 educational games, and 6 delightfully crafted talking characters that provide plenty of opportunities for imaginative play. Just peek into the brightly lit windows of the Stahlbaum’s mansion and play away. Dress up little Clara and style her hair. Play a toy soldier battle in Fritz’s room. Bake and decorate a cake with Mrs. Stahlbaum. Cozy up to the fireplace, drink some tea, and try on different eyeglasses and mustache styles on Mr. Stahlbaum. In the mood for some holiday decorating? Visit the parlor where the Nutcracker stays and place ornaments on the Christmas tree. Then, if you dare, go down to the basement and see what the Mouse King is up to.

Looking for more fun things to do? Why not count colorful toy cannon balls, organize Clara’s jewelry box to complete a pattern, write letters, lead a mouse through a maze to get to the cheese, sort some ornaments, exercise your memory while looking for hidden sweets, or practice the alphabet by matching upper and lower case letters.

Following AppyPup’s philosophy that learning and fun are inseparable, the App is engaging, full of stunning original art, sets no time limits, has a child friendly interface, is fully interactive, contains simple visual instructions, and has no third party advertisement.

The Nutcracker and the Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese is much more than a collection of educational games. It’s every child’s fantasy, a unique chance to be an active participant in a timeless story of courage and compassion. So step inside the magnificent mansion and begin your journey to a land of wonder and make-believe.

App Availability and Pricing:
The Nutcracker and the Mystery of the Disappearing Cheese App for iPad is available on the App Store for $3.99 (USD). The App is only available for iPad.

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