Perm, Russian Federation – Nulana LTD today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of NChart3D, a universal charting framework that enables stunning data visualization in iOS applications. It supports many different 2D and 3D chart types covering all the most popular analytical and scientific data visualization cases. NChart3D uses hardware-accelerated OpenGL ES based graphics that allows for the rendering of large amounts of data with excellent lighting effects while remaining responsive to user interactions.

The following chart types are supported:
* Column and cylindrical column
* Bar and cylindrical bar
* Area
* Line
* Ribbon (3D line)
* Pie and doughnut
* Bubble
* Candlestick
* Surface

The main features of NChart3D are:

2D and 3D data visualization:
NChart3D can be used to render plain charts according to simple datasets as well as 3D charts that visualize complex multidimensional data.

If input data or its representation has changed, the chart will be animated, transforming former the image into the latter. The animation can be repeated as many times as needed.

High image quality:
NChart3D produces a high quality image spiced up with shading effects and smooth objects’ edges. However, antialiasing does not hurt the performance because it is switched off while user interactions and playing animations.

Advanced 3D:
Application developers can use their own textured models as chart markers making charts even more attractive and informative.

There is full support of multitouch in NChart3D. It automatically recognizes pinch, pan and tap to interact with the scene. The events can be handled by the parent application as well. For example, developers own business logic can be used to handle tap on the chart points, displaying the fully customizable tooltips or doing something else.

High variety:
NChart3D suits for different needs: analytics, business and stocks as well as science.

Different axes types:
NChart3D supports three types of value axes. Absolute value axis, that is the most common to visualize data. All the values are displayed as they are, so you can easily compare them to each other or figure out a trend. Additive value axis, that can help you to see the amount of values in the total sum, or find out the total sum itself. Percent value axis, that is similar to the additive, but the amounts are normalized and represented as percentage.

Multiple value axes:
Each value axis can be duplicated to display additional information. Application developers can choose which series is drawn by a particular value axis.

Deep customization:
The appearance of the chart can be completely customized. Application developers are free to set up colors, borders, margins, etc. of all the elements of the chart including legend, caption and the data series themselves.

Automatic data processing:
NChart3D automatically processes the data to find minimums, maximums and step values for the axes to make the appearance of the axes more beautiful: the values are aligned to the round numbers and shifted to ensure the series to fit in the charts’ area.

Integration with UIKit:
The main element of NChart3D is the standard UIKit UIView subclass. That means it is possible to place it anywhere in the view hierarchy. There’s no limit to the number of chart views on the screen. Each of them can be customized individually and display its own data. The layout of elements is automatically adjusted to the frame the chart will be displayed in.

NChart3D 1.0
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Nulana LTD is a privately held software company, founded in 2007. Since then we have focused on creating great apps for Mac OS X and iOS. We are a small team of creative thinkers, highly experienced in software craftsmanship design. We are making our own products as well as implementing our customers ideas into life. Copyright (C) 2011 Nulana LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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