Langenhahn, Germany – Norbert M. Doerner has released NeoFinder 6.5 (formerly known as CDFinder). The new version is faster, catalogs more media formats, natively supports App Nap in Mavericks, catalogs thumbnails for RED video files, and much more.

NeoFinder makes it easier than ever to keep track of your digital files, photos, songs, movies, fonts on hard disks, USB sticks, server disks, Blu-ray disks, DVD-ROMs, CDROMs, and any other digital media. NeoFinder generates thumbnails and reads a lot of metadata during cataloging, for powerful search possibilities, smart folders, and more.

New Features in NeoFinder 6.5:
* NeoFinder now supports native App Nap in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks for better performance
* NeoFinder can catalog RED movie files (.r3d, if the REDCINE-X PRO software is installed)
* The new WhereIsIt XML Importer is now much faster, and able to handle very large files, larger than 600 MB in size
* The AutoUpdater now allows each catalog to be added more than once, so you can now update a catalog multiple times a day, if you want to!
* The Inspector now shows the number of files and folders of a folder and all its subfolders. As that can take quite a while for a large number of items, it may take a moment for the actual values to appear, but NeoFinder does that in the background and never blocks the interface
* The Tags are now displayed in the Inspector in a special new field, which allow you to select one and search for it
* The Inspector now shows a larger preview of an item in a separate window if you click in its icon
* You can now catalog ID3 audio tags in WAV files
* NeoFinder now catalogs BWF (Broadcast Wave Format) audio files
* NeoFinder now generates preview for “.ts” video files, if ffmpeg is available
* You can switch the menu bar QuickFind icon to grey
* The QuickFind search field in your menu bar now has a Recent Items menu
* You can now display all media files in a folder and all its subfolders, using the Find context menu on a folder
* Two new AppleScript attributes make it easier to integrate NeoFinder in workflows: “searching” and “finder path” for Found iItems
* You can catalog the contents of .srt (Movie Subtitle) files
* The Find URLs now also offer a search for folders

* Improved Export speed
* Improved Import speed for several text based formats
* Sorting the lists by the Media-Info column is a lot better now
* Fixes a problem in which certain catalog database files could grow in size during usage
* It is now possible to rename a catalog or a catalog folder by only changing the case of one or multiple characters in its name
* Improves cataloging stability with certain malformed WAV files
* Export now also contains the volume name of a catalog
* Improved cataloging for certain PostScript fonts
* Improves the generation of a thumbnail for MPEG movies shorter than 20 seconds (using ffmpeg)
* Fixes a problem with certain Find URLs that search for a geolocation
* Fixes a problem where the AutoUpdater list could get deleted under certain circumstances
* Improves the error messages of the AutoUpdater, if something goes wrong
* Fixes a bug of Mac OS X 10.8 and newer, where Apple would silently change the format of number input fields in the Find Editor, and then return wrong values, depending on the active language settings
* Fixes a problem cataloging the wrong duration of AAC audio files
* Improves memory handling during cataloging of FileCheck values and text clipping files
* Fixes a problem when searching for multiple Tags in the Find Editor
* Removed Woophy as a GPS service, as that provider no longer exists
* Fixes a problem when Find Duplicates was comparing the sizes incorrectly, when the date values were compared, too
* Fixes a problem when changing the next serial number in the Cataloging Settings during Batch Cataloging

NeoFinder Highlights:
Metadata – NeoFinder catalogs metadata of songs, movies, fonts, and photos, including the MP3-Tags of several audio file formats, EXIF, GPS, and IPTC data of photos, and also Adobe XMP. All these are clearly arranged in the user interface, and can be extensively searched. For numerous photo and video formats, NeoFinder generates thumbnails during cataloging, displaying them in all list and icon views.

Integration – Offering a tight connection to major productivity tools, such as Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Roxio Toast, FileMaker Pro, Apples Spotlight and Finder, and the extensive support of drag&drop into other applications, NeoFinder can support many workflow scenarios.

Geotagging – Only NeoFinder offers the integrated GeoFinder, which searches for photos taken near a spot, or the KMZ export for coordinates and photo thumbnails as a way to give geolocated photos to friends. NeoFinder can even geotag photos itself, no other software needed. And only NeoFinder displays amazing facts about any geolocation in the Wikipedia Inspector.

Networking – Store your catalog database on a server for access from all Macs in the network, and with the sidekick product abeMeda (was CDWinder for Windows) even from Microsoft Windows.

Since the initial release of CDFinder 1.0 in 1995, more than 59,000 customers in 95 countries around the world are using CDFinder and now NeoFinder to organise their digital library, and manage their data archive and backups, including NASA, IKEA, BBC, Mattel, Rand McNally, Pfizer, Random House, Oracle, and Warner Bros.

Language Support:
* German, English, French, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese

System Requirements:
* Requires Mac OS X v10.6, 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9 Mavericks
* Previous CDFinder and NeoFinder versions for older Mac OS versions still available

Pricing and Availability:
NeoFinder 6 is a paid update to licensed users of CDFinder, update price starting at 19 Euros. Cross-grades for users of competing applications (DiskLibrary, FileFinder, CatFinder, Canto Cumulus, Disk Tracker, DiskCatalogMaker, Atomic View, iView Media Pro, and more) are available. A free NeoFinder demo version can be downloaded from the NeoFinder website, the price for new users starts at 29,00 (EUR). Multiple user packs are available for network users. NeoFinder 6.5 is a free update to all NeoFinder customers.

NeoFinder 6.5
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Norbert M. Doerner is a computer scientist with a love for integration and cool products. He develops great Macintosh software since 1991. Popular products include the disk cataloger NeoFinder (was CDFinder), various plugins for the Finder, iPhoto and Aperture, and the transcription software Copyright (C) 1991-2014 Norbert M. Doerner. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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