Knoxville, Tennessee – Several different ad and promotion networks publish their cost-per-install (CPI) numbers and have reported an upward trend in recent months. Chartboost, for example, showed an increase from $1.99 per install in June 2013 to $2.21 in December 2013. Fiksu reported a $1.79 CPI in November 2013. These numbers represent a huge problem for iOS developers.

To help address this problem, Bright Newt recently released Appiness, an iOS app marketing guide. Appiness could not come at a better time. In June 2013 Distimo reported that an app needs 23,000 downloads per day to rise to the Top 50 Free Overall. This means that app developers face a $35,000 /day spend if they want to achieve any real visibility.

“Most iOS developers simply can’t afford the development and ongoing optimization costs required to build a freemium app,” said Austin Church, Chief Newt at Bright Newt. “And once they do finish an app, they can’t afford to advertise and can’t get their revenue-per-install high enough to make back their money. It’s a Catch-22.”

The Bright Newt team wanted to give iOS developers a hand by providing a how-to marketing guide for turning duds into profitable apps. Plenty of free information on app marketing already exists, but Appiness provides step-by-step instructions for inexpensive tactics, as well as “true tales of appiness” from successful developers.

The Appiness guide comes in three different packages at three price points – Basic Appiness for $58, Extra Appiness for $79, and Total Appiness for $129.

Each package comes with an assortment of other tools and resources, such as submission and launch day checklists, comprehensive spreadsheets of app review sites and app-related services, various templates, and interviews with thought leaders in the mobile industry.

The bottom line is this: Scrappy marketing is what separates the winners from the losers in the app business. If iOS developers make a unique, beautiful, and entertaining (or helpful) app, and then execute a smart, inexpensive marketing plan, then their apps will gain visibility, get more downloads, and make more money. Appiness is the winners’ new, not-so-secret weapon.

Bright Newt

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