Singapore, Singapore – As Apple has been getting into the Travel industry, many developers have been getting into this industry.

Recently launched app, ‘Trvlogue’ is the solution to Easy Travel! There are three main things this app enables you to do:

1) Record your flights, keep reference to these flights and accumulate a list you can email for tax purposes!

2) As your flights build up, your miles are accumulated! Miles are a reference to the amount you have traveled, and are converted into cool facts you can share with your friends! Get ready to tweet this stuff out! (#TrvlogueMiles will go big)

3) The most important important feature of all, the solution for Travel, is Destination! Type in where you are going, e.g. Berlin, Germany and get an aggregation of tailored and important, but not excessive information. These include:

– Places Of Interest (Restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, malls, massage centers, doctors)
– Plug/Adapter Sizes
– Languages and general translations
– Currencies and conversions
– Population & Timezone (Time difference)
– Current news
– Weather forecast

As you can see, with the simple click of a button and a few seconds of waiting, a slew of information is delivered to you, but this tailored information is just right, it is not overwhelming…. it will be helpful and much easier than doing 20 google searches!

Updates will be rolling out regularly, the developer “have a lot of time on our hands and we have many new features and updates mapped out”….

It is not a competitor to any travel app out there, it is a competitor to doing one thousand google searches, hence it makes Travel easier.

Awesome, right?

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Rohan Pro Studios is a startup app development company that consists of the individual 13 year old, Rohan Kapur.

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