Ripley, United Kingdom – Steven Cholerton is proud to announce a brand new MySQL / SQLite SQL Query and Data Export Component for Xojo and REALStudio Developers to use within their own applications. This allows developers to give their customers sophisticated data query functionality build into their application, without having to write it themselves.

DataViewer is a collection of objects for REALStudio / Xojo that you can easily incorporate into your own applications to give SQL Query functionality for SQLite and MySQL databases along with Data Export facilities. It is available to purchase for use ‘as is’ within your own software or alternatively with Full Source Code. Once purchased their are no restrictions on use.

* Connect to any SQLite or MySQL Database
* Very small Footprint < 5Mb
* Incorporate Easily into your Own Apps
* Objects Window showing Tables and Columns
* Drag and Drop from the Objects Window to the Query Window
* Results Grid can be customised for Font, Size and Line Type
* Results Grid can Switch between ‘Fit to Grid’ and ‘Show Scrollbar’
* Auto Highlighting of SQL Keywords
* User Definable Keywords List
* Each SELECT reports Time Taken
* Export Results Data in Tab Delimited, CSV or JSON Formats
* Save and Load SQL Scripts

Drag and Drop the DataViewer components into your application. You call the DataViewer and open the window by calling a method and passing several mandatory parameters.

wDataViewer.op_OpenAndSetup( _

Pricing and Availability:
The Standard Edition of DataViewer costs 50 GBP with the Full Source Code Edition at 150 GBP. Email support is available for both editions of DataViewer.

Steven Cholerton
DataViewer REALStudio / Xojo Component
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Steven Cholerton has been an Information Technology Professional since the late 80’s when he began his career as a Software Developer with a local computer company. Since then, he has been involved in Information Technology at several levels within several companies including Senior Management and both Executive and Non Executive Director roles. Steven is a Chartered Information Technology Professional, a Fellow of the Institution of Analysts and Programmers, a Certified Ethical Hacker, an Oracle Certified Professional, a Security Penetration Tester, an Entrepreneur and Businessman, author of several eBooks and many Commercial Software Products, and a committed and passionate developer of Custom and Bespoke software for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. Steven holds many certifications in several areas of IT, with great Testimonials and References as well as excellent problem solver, an enthusiastic Guitarist as well as a proud Father. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2014 Steven Cholerton. All Rights Reserved. Xojo and the Xojo logo are registered trademarks of Xojo Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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