Beijing, China – Hao Yun Co., Ltd today is pleased to announce that its hit game, Ninja inc. 1.3.2 for iOS, will be available free for a limited time. After the Apocalypse, a large population of brain-munching zombies still runs rampant. Mankind’s only salvation is trained Ninja warriors, brave enough to face the walking dead. As Director of the newly formed Ninjas inc., the player must recruit and train civilians from all walks of life and transform them into the ultimate Ninja warriors to combat and defeat zombie scum!

Ninjas inc. is a fun-to-play martial arts game, blending elements of RPG and SLG gameplay, where players enjoy loads of fun interaction as the storyline unfolds. Players are tasked with deploying and leading an army of Ninjas, who must fight against evil, brain-munching zombies to take back the world and return safety to all mankind.

Feature Highlights:
* Ninja warriors with unique skills and personalities! Employ hundreds of characters from various occupations and train them until they turn into Ninja Warriors.
* Lead your Ninja army to protect the world! Unlock powerful Ninjas and upgrade their attributes as you play. Enter them into sparring practice, teach them skills, and summon a Pet Sidekick exclusive to each Ninja.
* Seize buildings and expand your territory! Command your army of Ninjas to take back buildings occupied by zombies and transform them into your own territories. Seize different buildings to unlock exciting new characters!
* Enjoy fun battles with tap interaction! Select your A-team of Zombie crushing Ninjas and experience exciting battles against the Zombie race, all at the tap of your fingers. Remember, Zombie bosses are extremely powerful, make sure you deploy your best Ninjas for the job!
* Dig tunnels and learn Ninjutsu Skills! It’s an underground attack! Dig your way down through tunnels to fight invading zombies, and unlock magical Ninjutsu Caverns, and learn special skills from different Ninja Senseis.

Players, who are Ninja Leaders, start by building a base of operations for their Ninja army. Tapping the Build button creates a new Ninja Room and the first Ninja. Each Ninja has his own capabilities, measured using stats for Health, Power, Speed, Luck, and Potential. Chubbs, the first recruit, is a bit chubby. Tapping the Train button starts training, which can be accelerated using diamonds. With training complete Ninja inc. is open for business.

The Missions screen displays the first job available, which requires recruiting and training another Ninja. Ninja Four Eyes is trained, completes the mission, and money bags appear in the Ninja Room. Tapping the bags releases the gold coins to keep the business operating. The next recruits are Groundsman Ninja and Janitor Ninja.

Zombie Lord, aka Ninja Crusher, is available to challenge, and damage during Zombie Lord battles is used to calculate the player’s rank among all players globally. Following the battle, the reward window displays the Damage points. Gameplay continues as players can move and expand rooms, recruit and train new Ninjas, and seek out new battles and challenges. Diamonds, gold, upgrade cards, scrolls, sidekicks, gift packs, and VIP levels can be earned in the game or bought in the store via an in-app purchase.

“Ninja inc. provides limitless Ninja gameplay with automatic online updates and stats,” commented Hao Yun of Gate9 Ltd. “You’ll be amazed at all the characters and details in this game, and online battles are coming soon.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later
* 41.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Ninja inc. 1.3.2 is free for a limited time and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Ninja inc. 1.3.2
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