Cologne, Germany – Manuel “StuFF mc” Carrasco Molina, owner of, maker of the Mac apps “Disk Alarm” and “Comments” is organizing this year again the Cocoa/Objective-C Conference on September 17th & 18th, in beautiful Cologne, Germany. “StuFF mc” is also know for his Pomcast podcast which interviewed among others Steve Wozniak, Aaron Hillegass and many Cocoa Developers. Over the years, many of those developers became close friends to him and some of those are the speakers of the conference.

Recently some things have been changed and announced. First and foremost, for those willing to have some kind of “sneak peak” into the 2012 Edition, the videos are now lowered to 2 Euro each and only 9 Euro for the whole set of 10 videos. Remember also that all 2013 attendees not only get the 2012 videos but they will get the 2013 videos for free as well a few weeks after the conference, whereas others might have to wait and/or pay.

It’s very important to note that even though it happens in Germany, the whole conference will happen in English. Each Session, Panel, Information will be given in English, and the whole “Team” will obviously attend you in English.

Names likes John Fox from MemoryMiner/ (Just announced!), Mike Lee, Steve “Scotty” Scott (from NSConference!), Rainer Brockerhoff, Ortwin Gentz, or Alex Von Below might sound familiar to some of you. Mike has worked at Delicious Monster, before starting a company called Tapulous, then working for the Mothership (Apple Inc), then built “Appsterdam” in The Netherlands and recently released an iOS game about chemistry.

John Fox once wrote an email to Steve Jobs back in 2005 (see his blog) to thank him. This was the time when he was starting with Memory Miner, his Mac Product. Low and behold, 8 years (!) later, he’s still there with his amazing app and has learned how to “re-use” not only his code but his domain of excellence (Photography and so on) and this is what he’ll speak about.

Steve “Scotty” Scott started to be known back in the days with the “Late Night Cocoa” Podcast, before he organized the first Independent Cocoa Conference in Europe, NSConference, back in 2009. This is mainly what inspired StuFF mc to start Objective-Cologne in 2012. Scotty will speak about building a community around your product, which is obviously highly important for any Indie Developer or company.

Alex von Below is one of the best known Cocoa Developers in Germany. He has been developing as well as teaching the subject for many many years. Like Mike, he was “there before the iPhone, mind you!” so he knows this stuff! Some might think knowing about Memory is not necessary since ARC, but let’s face it: this is wrong…

Katharina Hausmann & Erik Romijn were attendees last year, starting a tradition Stuff wants to bring back every year: if you attend, you are risking to be asked to speak! Damien Gosset is a close friend of StuFF mc from France. He’s the one who recommended the amazing “Zino” last year.

Also, Ortwin Gentz has accepted to come back to the conference for yet another “sneak peak” at how is does make his products looks so polished, by using many techniques.

Mind you: if most of the speakers from last years aren’t there, it’s not because we didn’t like them. We loved them! We just want to bring some fresh year every year. Some of those speakers, like Alex Repty, already booked their ticket to come back as regular attendees.

Objective-Cologne 2013’s Schedule:

Day 1:
09:00 – Welcome & Registration
10:00 – Keynote: Steve Scott (Scotty): “Building Electronic Communities”
10:45 – Break
11:00 – Katharina Hausmann: “Future technologies: Hardware, Software and Human Beings.”
11:45 – Break
12:00 – Alex Von Below: “Secrets of Memory Management with ARC”
12:45 – Lunch
13:45 – Damien Gosset: “Product design is key”
14:30 – Break
14:45 – John Fox: “Waste Nothing: Tales of Reuse”
15:30 – Break
16:00 – Panel with the speakers of Day 1
17:00 – End of Day 1
19:00 – Conference Dinner

Day 2:
10:00 – Mike Lee: “High Performance UIKit”
10:45 – Break
11:00 – Ortwin Gentz: “Sneak peek into the bag of UI tricks”
11:45 – Break
12:00 – Erik Romijn: “iOS security: super simple stuff”
12:45 – Lunch
13:45 – Rainer Brockerhoff”: Coding Secrets of the Ancients”
14:30 – Break
14:45 – TBA
15:30 – Break
16:00 – Panel with the speakers of Day 2
17:00 – End of Day 2

As you can see a pretty packed scheduled, with always at least 15 minutes break so the attendees can connect with each other. Each day a lunch will be served and on the first evening Attendees and Speakers will gather around a dinner (again, included in the Ticket price) allowing for more “relaxed” conversations. Each attendee will be welcomed with a Conference T-shirt. If you have any kind of question, do not hesitate to drop us a mail or contact over Twitter,, Facebook.

For years, “StuFF mc” have had this in his mind: Organize his own Cocoa Developer Conference in Beautiful Cologne, in the middle of Europe. As awesome as many other conferences are, they always had that one thing being the problem. Either too far, not organized by a community guy, not in English, not enough international, or, so on.

So he finally made it in 2012, and you can ask any attendee from last year, they’ll tell you how awesome it was! All the infos are on the website and tickets are available right now for 399 Euro, approximately $625.00 USD. This price doesn’t include your flight or accommodation, but it does include lunch on both days, and even a dinner on the first day. Additionally this price includes all drinks during both days (and the dinner).

Thanks to our amazing 3 sponsors (,,, we are happy to bring back the 399 Euro price and we could also remove the Ticketing fees which should allow more people to come. Additionally, if you’re gonna purchase 2 tickets you’ll get 10% discount and starting at 3 tickets 15%, which brings the price down to 339 Euro!

Event Location
Purchase Tickets
2012 Videos
John Fox (our last announced Speaker)

After having done contracting in iOS Development since the launch of the iPhone SDK back in 2008, finally launched its first Indie Mac App called Disk Alarm. This app, which should be the start of a series of Mac and iOS Apps, will monitor your hard drive and alert you whenever it reached a predefined (by you) free space. Manuel “StuFF mc” Carrasco Molina is also an Apple podcaster and thus, community guy. This is the main reason for willing to organize his own conference. He believes in focused conferences, and thus choose to concentrate on his preferred world, the one from Apple, as well as put everyone in the same room, with a one-session-for-all Conference. Copyright (C) 2013 All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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