Beaverton, Oregon – The coalition of Xojo third party vendors and Paradigma Software announce Omegabundle Mini for Xojo 2013, a new bundle of high performance development tools for only $99. The tools, add-ons and components sell separately for over $734. Xojo is a multi-platform, object-oriented development tool that enables developers of all backgrounds to create cross platform applications for OS X, Windows and Linux (in addition to web and soon, mobile solutions).

The products included:

* Valentina DB ADK for Xojo ($199 value). One platform (select Mac OS X, Linux or Windows) of the high performance, object-relational embedded database for Xojo development.

* Pariahware Elastic Web Page ($150 value). When working with Xojo Web Edition, provides the same page stretching capabilities as Pariahware’s best selling Elastic Window.

* Ohanaware AppWrapper Mini ($9.99 value). Automatically Code Sign, Sandbox, made Retina Ready (With a Retina compatible icon), add & index Apple compatible help and make an OS X Installer Package.

* J Leroy Toolbar ($13 value). Build beautiful toolbars for your Xojo applications. Works in horizontal and vertical modes.

* J Leroy Ribbon Control ($79 value). Add a Ribbon to your application, like most popular programs from Microsoft.

* TT Zip Classes ($35 value). A set of classes for managing Zip archives, for OS X, Windows and Linux, without the need of plugins (on Windows, it requires a popular and public DLL file, though).

* 12 Months Digital Subscription to xDev Magazine ($50 value). Get a 12 month subscription to the PDF version of this amazing resource for learning Xojo. Stacks on your existing subscription.

* Valentina Studio Pro ($199 value). The one tool you need for creating, managing, querying and administering popular databases such as MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Valentina DB and soon, SQL Server and Oracle. Also includes a powerful SQL DIFF, Query Builder, diagramming and reports editing.

Omegabundle Mini for Xojo 2013 is priced to be affordable to hobbyists and students.

“We’ve got students and academics headed back to university who are just getting their funds for development projects. We don’t want them to lose out,” said Lynn Fredricks, President of Paradigma Software – the makers of Valentina Studio Pro, Valentina Reports ADK and Valentina Server.

Already available is the complete Omegabundle for Xojo 2013, a collection of over $4908 of the best add-ons, components and development tools for Xojo applications for only $399. Although recently extended, it was announced that Omegabundle for Xojo 2013 would end on October 1, 2013.

Learn more and purchase Omegabundle for Xojo 2013 and Omegabundle Mini for Xojo 2013 on the Omegabundle website.

About Xojo:
Xojo, Inc. was founded with the idea that software development should be accessible to anyone. With traditional tools, creating software applications can be a very complicated process, but using Xojo anyone can learn to create high quality, native apps for the web, OS X, Windows, Linux, and soon, mobile as well. With users all over the world, Xojo apps can be found in every conceivable category – from commercial software applications to use in governments, universities, businesses, and the Fortune 500. Secondary-level and college students in schools all over the world are introduced to programming with Xojo.

Omegabundle MINI for Xojo 2013
Omegabundle Mini vs Full Omegabundle for Xojo 2013 FAQ
Box Shot

Paradigma Software launched its first product, the post-relational, columnar database technology Valentina, based on the groundbreaking work of Ruslan Zasukhin in advanced database research. Mr Zasukhin’s research was to develop a database system that bypassed the severe constraints on traditional relational database systems as they grow in size and complexity. Valentina maximizes available resources by making data based tasks of millions of items extremely fast and efficient. Paradigma Software Incorporated was established in 1998 in Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software has additional offices for development and sales in Germany and Japan.

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