Espoo, Finland – iDevBooks today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of Order of Operations by iDevBooks 1.0, a new educational app for iPad devices. Order of Operations was designed to help users learn and practice applying the order of operations concept to mathematical expressions. Users can evaluate random and custom expressions with exponentiation, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction operations on integers and decimals.

Feature Highlights:
* Clean, comfortable, and distraction-free User Interface
* Evaluates random and custom expressions
* Over 100 trillion different expressions to evaluate
* Order of Operations tutorial
* Vast array of settings to determine level of difficulty
* Ability to set the maximum number in each expression
* Group operations in nested parenthesis
* Set animation speed
* No ads or in-app purchases
* Wrong answers are not penalized
* No timers or counters
* No user tracking

Upon launching the app, users may choose to either learn about the Order of Operations or immediately begin evaluating expressions. In the Explore the Rules section, Order of Operations displays rules visually instead of mnemonically. Using a hierarchy of operators triangle known as the “boss triangle,” the order of operations is displayed using a pyramid. At the top of this pyramid are exponents, multiplication and division signs are in the middle, and addition and subtraction signs are at the bottom. By tapping on each section of the pyramid, users receive a brief tutorial on the order of operations concept.

To begin practicing, users select Evaluate Expressions. Under Settings, the user can determine the exact level of difficulty for each random problem. Users have the option of setting the maximum amount of numbers in each expression, the appearance of the animations, and which symbols to use. There are also settings that allow:

* Multiplication
* Divisions
* Exponents
* Multi-digit numbers
* Decimals
* Parenthesis
* Nested parenthesis

Expressions are evaluated one operation at a time. Users simply tap the operation to solve. If the user taps an operation that cannot be solved, the app explains why it was the wrong choice. There are no penalties for wrong answers.

The solution for the current operation appears in the correct place after each step. For example, when the user solves 4 – 1, the number 3 appears in the correct place and the balance of the expression moves down. This teaches the user that only one part of the expression is solved in each step. It also helps reiterate that the complexity of the initial expression does not matter since the equation is solved one operation at a time.

“Esa Helttula has developed an invaluable math resource.” reports Teacher With Apps (16 Oct 2011). “iDevBooks – Educational Math Apps, by Esa Helttula, are par excellence when it comes to educational tools!” Teachers With Apps also awarded their Certified Developer Badge of Distinction to iDevBooks in 2013, to recognize the developer’s educational math apps which they deemed exemplary in content, presentation, execution, and overall user experience.

Edudemic Magazine chose iDevBooks math apps as among the top 20 apps and web tools of 2012. “These apps get three thumbs up from Edudemic because they’re so easy to use, and focused on making the concepts easy to learn rather than being bogged down with bells, whistles, and ads.” (24 December 2012)

“I have been a researcher of algorithm visualization at the University of Tampere where I designed educational applications that made complex algorithms more accessible to computer science students,” says Esa Helttula, founder of iDevBooks. “These applications inspired the development of my math apps. I wanted to use this knowledge and develop great teaching and learning apps for children or anyone who wants to study math. Like my other math apps, Order of Operations 1.0 is optimized less around bells and whistles and focuses more on helping the students learn and practice the concept.”

Device Requirements:
* Designed for the iPad
* i0S 7.0 or higher
* 930 KB

Pricing and Availability:
Order of Operations by iDevBooks 1.0 is only $3.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. Review copies are available upon request.

Order of Operations by iDevBooks 1.0
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Based in Espoo, Finland, iDevBooks was founded in 2009 by independent developer Esa Helttula. iDevBooks designs educational math apps specifically designed to help children and adults learn and study mathematical concepts. Copyright (C) 2014 iDevBooks. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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