Sunnyvale, California – An important milestone is in the books (or rather, on the web): the PadPillow Pillow Stand from IPEVO has received over 230 5-star reviews on the world’s most popular online retail store, Amazon. IPEVO, the designer and maker of technology products and accessories for education, business and consumers, cites the busy holiday gift-giving season as a primary reason for the uptick in enthusiasm and positive reviews. The PadPillow for all generations of iPad as well as Galaxy, Nexus and other tablets and e-readers is now available from Amazon or directly from the IPEVO Online Store at a price of $26.50 each.

The lightweight PadPillow is designed for the bed, the couch, the carpet, the lap, and other non-desk places where tablets and e-readers are used for comfortable extended sessions. With a customizable viewing angle and two configurations, the PadPillow can alleviate the back, neck, and arm fatigue that often comes with using a tablet or e-reader without proper support. In the extended configuration, PadPillow also provides space for a Bluetooth keyboard for emailing and more.

PadPillow is made from two triangular sections of soft foam surrounded by a 100% cotton denim cover, which is removable and machine-washable. This makes for a soft, cushy body pillow that can be used against the body for extended periods. PadPillow can also remain upright and supportive on soft surfaces like the couch arm or carpet, unlike many metal or plastic stands. A raised leather stopper ensures the mounted device does not slip down from the stand. One of five colors for PadPillow are available: Blue Denim, Charcoal Gray, Light Khaki, Honeysuckle and Orange.

Amazon user reviews reflect the essential qualities and advantages of the PadPillow, including its ability to reduce or eliminate fatigue. User SMS Chefcat writes, “I spend hours each day with my iPad, and this stand is SO much better than holding the iPad in my hands for that length of time.” Zumba Lady Dee Dee echoes that sentiment, stating, “Hands free is far less tiring and subsequently I can read and search longer without fatigue.” L. Constantino is also impressed with the PadPillow from a fatigue-reducing point of view, writing, “I have Rheumatoid arthritis and have a difficult time holding things for long periods of time. I just put this on my lap with my Kindle Fire on it and my hands are free. It is so comfortable.”

Another consistent theme among the Amazon reviews is the versatility and “go anywhere” quality of the PadPillow. Dad of Divas writes, “I also tried using this on the kitchen table and found this to be a great portable stand as well.” Hannah states that the PadPillow is “especially great for using the iPad while relaxing in bed. It also doubles as a pillow that’s great for car trips.” User Arleen writes, “I even use it while watching TV to check emails during commercials, and in bed to check websites that interest me.” Finally, A. Watkins has successfully paired her PadPillow with her toddler: “My 2 year old loves to play on my iPad and watch the PBS kids app. We were always trying to prop it up so she could easily watch it. PadPillow solves all of our problems. Lightweight and easy to use.”

The highly-rated PadPillow Pillow Stand from IPEVO, designed for all generations of iPad as well as e-readers and other tablets, is now available through Amazon or from the IPEVO Online Store.

IPEVO PadPillow Pillow Stand

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