San Francisco, California – Readdle has announced that PDF Expert Enterprise, which already powers electronic document management for hundreds of global businesses, has been upgraded to support multiple, more complex paper workflows, ensuring businesses can for the first time truly digitize all of their paper document working.

Using PDF Expert Enterprise, businesses can now fill in and sign digital versions of paper documents, send and receive them following multiple workflows that mimic their existing analogue processes, with minimal business disruption.

Since 2012, PDF Expert Enterprise has helped hundreds of businesses to set up paperless workflows on mobile devices, allowing them to replace paper documents with iPads for a wide range of tasks, from board meetings to form completion and sales in the field.

The new and enhanced functionality lets companies take their business processes to iPads with zero disruption to existing practices and no workarounds, security compromises or additional overheads. The new feature enables the distributing of documents from any number of cloud or internal sources to a variety of team members in real-time, streamlining company processes. Afterwards, documents on the iPad can be submitted to user-defined destinations. The company manages the entire process using PDF Expert Enterprise’s cloud-based web administration portal.

Companies can save thousands of dollars and numerous working hours each month by eliminating printing and document management activities. iPads let businesses store all their documents in a single, slim-line electronic package.

Just like real paper, digital documents must pass through multiple hands for input or approval – whether they be expense authorization forms, staff surveys or contract agreements. PDF Expert Enterprise’s cloud service offers everything needed to build and reliably control these workflows. Its iPad app lets staff read and annotate documents, fill in PDF forms and sign agreements on-the-go with legally binding signatures.

“PDF Expert Enterprise enables companies of all sizes, including big names like BMW, Roche, Henry Schein, SAS and Siemens, to distribute documents, fill in PDF forms and sign contracts, ensuring that employees have the right sets of documents, workflows are followed and processes are controlled,” said Readdle CEO Igor Zhadanov. “The service brings the power of heavy enterprise document management solutions in a sleek and affordable package that gets the job done and which people love to use. The constant growth in the number of companies that rely on PDF Expert Enterprise is probably the biggest proof of its value.”

About PDF Expert Enterprise:
PDF Expert Enterprise is a subscription-based complete document management solution for companies of all sizes. Web-based part of the service offers every-thing to build and reliably control flow of documents from the office to employees and back. PDF Expert Enterprise iPad app enables staff to read and annotate documents, fill in PDF forms and sign agreements on-the-go. Monthly price for PDF Expert Enterprise license starts from 10 USD per user and the company pays for the number of users in its account.

PDF Expert Enterprise

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