Moscow, Russia – Developer high!glossy digital media solutions announced today the latest updates of the PNL (profit and loss) finance tool available now on the App Store for free. This tool allows users to perform multiple quick calculations and manage data in one intuitive three-columned application.

The first column is used for listing income and expenses, the middle column is for numbers, and the third is for calculations. The application is designed for those who would like to have a calculator in Notes. Often, people find themselves switching back and forth between applications to perform finance-related tasks on the go. This method can often lead to critical loss of data and improper calculations, not to mention the frustration and loss of time by coordinating between each app.

This easy-to-use application sports redesigned icons in the latest version that make the interface even more user-friendly, and multiple currencies are supported. Data can be easily backed up using Dropbox or iCloud, and completed sheets can be transferred by email in Excel format. Columns can be scrolled in the latest version, and unnecessary rows can be deleted with a simple swipe movement.

“This application was developed to be a simple and easy to use calculation for people on the go,” said Sergey Pavlov, Founder/CEO of high!glossy digital media solutions. “Essentially, it combines the intelligence of high-dollar finance tools with a user-friendly spreadsheet that lends itself to multitasking.”

The numbers can be easily dragged between columns for quick, accurate calculations, and the calculator itself can be dragged for best positioning. The design is a cleaner and more intuitive version of expansive spreadsheet tools. For those who don’t like to meticulously record each cent, this tool works as a mobile way to record budgets and track expenditures.

PNL is also a useful business tool. Often, it’s hard to make calculations inside a document without altering or losing information entirely. The device allows users to make quick calculations, notes or adjustments alongside important documents without risking valuable information in the process.

“Life is moving quicker these days,” said Pavlov. “People that are continually using debit and credit cards don’t always have time to call or log into bank applications to check balances and track spending. This allows users to calculate spending and make notes along the way for helpful reminders.”

* Three column sheet for organized calculations
* Simple number drag functions
* One screen organization
* Full calculator function
* Restore password by email
* Back up data with Dropbox or iCloud
* More currencies added.
* Transfer worked out sheet via e-mail.

Device Requirements:
* Requires iOS 4.3 or higher
* Compatible with iPad
* 29.2

Pricing and Availability:
PNL (Profit and Loss) 2.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category.

PNL (Profit and Loss) 2.0
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