Palo Alto, California – Appfluence announced today a highly anticipated update – Priority Matrix for Mac version 2.3 that includes a new functionality called “Tags” that enables managers to have unprecedented visibility and organization of multiple projects. Existing Priority Matrix customers have an average of 10-15 projects that they manage at any point in time, and thus the demand for a robust, reliable, and easy to use system for organizing projects has been a persistent need. This latest functionality sets Priority Matrix apart from competition, and truly helps project managers maintain visibility across all their responsibilities – and more importantly, get things done on schedule.

The latest update is truly geared at customers who need a robust, integrated management system. Typical linear task lists start falling apart when you go above 3-5 projects and responsibilities. Priority Matrix’s “Tags” is designed specifically to help managers focus on whats important right now by intuitively hiding everything that’s not important.

Priority Matrix is available for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows and Android.

Softpedia calls Priority Matrix “A reliable and user-friendly software solution that enables you to effortlessly prioritize tasks so as to become more productive and efficient”.

PC Magazine calls Priority Matrix “A well-designed time-management tool that lets business-minded users visually organize lists, agendas, and priorities by color and labels.”

Corporate customer calls Priority Matrix “Phenomenal. Our business wouldn’t run the same without it!”

Priority Matrix is a revolutionary new way to manage complex task lists and projects. Using the 4-quadrants Eisenhower Method, Priority Matrix solves task management problems by organizing activities by creating visual quadrants for organization. Priority Matrix features seamless automatic sync, offline work, integration with Outlook, iCal and Google Cal, and a visual 4-quadrants approach. Priority Matrix focuses on integration with existing customer workflow.

Customers who care about visual organization of their tasks, and yet still want to follow a coherent, time proven methodology for keeping track of their priorities will love the new Priority Matrix 2.0 for Mac application.

About Priority Matrix:
Priority Matrix is a world class task and project management software for Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone and Android. Priority Matrix features real-time seamless sync, integration with emails, iCal, Google Cal and Outlook. Priority Matrix already has more than 80,000 paid users and businesses, and is a productivity tool that helps with employee success.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9
* 8.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Priority Matrix is available under a personal or business license.

Priority Matrix 2.3.1
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