Las Vegas, Nevada – SecureMac is proud to announce the release of PrivacyScan 1.5, offering privacy protection for Mac users. The latest version of the critically acclaimed personal privacy application is designed specifically for Mac OS X, adding features to securely wipe digital footprints left after using the computer and accessing the Internet. In this latest release, PrivacyScan will notify Google Chrome and Chromium users when their browser is configured to sync with Google’s servers, which can restore erased data. PrivacyScan will also add the capability to clean open windows in many popular apps.

PrivacyScan has added alerts to notify users when they are syncing data they are expecting to delete with remote servers. When deleting something, users expect that it remains gone, but many users forget that they have enabled syncing features with certain applications, like Chrome, which save and restore data when relaunched. PrivacyScan now alerts you when syncing is enabled for browsers.

Quit the app, don’t restore windows. Many digital media applications are restoring the last opened items when the program is quit while the window remains open. This can be a privacy concern in a multi-user environment. When another user re-launches the application they may see what was viewed last, such as images, credit card applications or other information. PrivacyScan has added the feature to clean the open windows in many of these popular applications for increased privacy.

In an interview, President Nicholas Raba stated: “Have you ever had an open window and quickly quit the app, only to relaunch the app and see the file show up again? PrivacyScan now cleans open windows in popular apps, so that file you had open remains closed when the program relaunches.”

How does PrivacyScan work?
PrivacyScan acts like a digital private eye, identifying hidden threats that can compromise privacy when accessed by advertisers or snoopers trying to see user activity. It removes the internet clutter that accumulates in cache and history files while browsing the web. PrivacyScan covers the user’s digital tracks behind them and saves valuable hard drive space by eliminating traces of which apps and files have been accessed.

What’s New in PrivacyScan 1.5:
The new version features the following updates and improvements. A full list of features and capabilities can be found here.

* Added support to clean open windows data in supported apps
* Alters users about potential privacy concerns when Chrome Sync is enabled
* Includes user interface updates and improvements

Awards and Accolades:
Past awards and recognitions include: Macworld | iWorld Best of Show by Macworld UK Magazine, A Mac Gem – Macworld GemFest 2012, and Editor’s Choice Award – Macworld UK. PrivacyScan has received full 5-Star ratings from both Macworld UK and Macworld AU.

Where can users get their free trial?
PrivacyScan 1.5 is available for $14.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category or directly from SecureMac. SecureMac offers a free 15-day fully functional demo available directly from the PrivacyScan website. Existing PrivacyScan users can upgrade to the latest version free of charge.

Notes for Editors (NFR Serial keys available)
Nicholas Raba and the SecureMac team are available for an interview regarding PrivacyScan v1.5 or the current state of Internet consumer privacy. Editors can request a NFR serial key for PrivacyScan to have a first hand look at the software. Contact information below.

PrivacyScan 1.5
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