Las Vegas, Nevada – SecureMac continues its work to raise awareness of online privacy issues with the release of an internet cookie infographic during Security Awareness Month. The aim is educate and dispel common misunderstandings about the nature of cookies and what they mean for consumer privacy.

SecureMac, creator of the critically acclaimed consumer privacy software, PrivacyScan, continues its initiative to raise awareness of online privacy issues with the release of an infographic to help people understand internet cookies.

The PrivacyScan cookie infographic aims to educate Internet surfers, allowing them to make more informed decisions about managing their privacy effectively. It explains cookies, what data they store, how they store it and the privacy threats that can occur. SecureMac CEO, Nicolas Raba stated in an interview that:

“There’s a lot of tech terminology flying around online these days, and we feel that few people understand what a web cooking really is. Without understanding the implications of cookies, it’s difficult to make an informed decision about online privacy.”

The Recipe of a Web Cookie Infographic

The infographic released covers all the key points to help users understand:
* What the term ‘cookie’ means specifically in the context of the web
* The most common types of cookies encountered when browsing
* Real-world examples of what web cookies achieve and how they’re used
* How the use of web cookies relates to online privacy

Among other features, the PrivacyScan software sweeps up a user’s cookie trails behind them as they surf the web, protecting them from being exploited via any personal data left behind.

The web cookie privacy infographic comes shortly after the PrivacyScan 1.3 update which also brought the availability of a two week free trial. After enjoying a period of considerable success and awards, including iWorld Best of Show from MacWorld UK Magazine and A Mac Gem at Macworld GemFest 2012, the software was also recently reduced from $14.99 to $7.99.

Notes for Editors:
Editors looking for a first-hand experience with the PrivacyScan software can request an NFR serial key. Nicholas Raba is available for an interview regarding PrivacyScan, the recently published infographic or the current state of Internet consumer privacy.

PrivacyScan 1.3
Free Trial of PrivacyScan
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