Osaka, Japan – Developed by Recosoft Corporation, the PDF2Office series for iPhone features PDF to Excel, which converts PDF files to editable Excel spreadsheets; PDF to Keynote, which converts PDFs to editable Keynote presentations; and PDF to Numbers, which converts PDF documents to editable Numbers files on the iPhone.

PDF to Excel, PDF to Keynote and PDF to Numbers have been designed specifically for the iPhone providing integrated PDF viewing, and PDF conversion capability tailored for the iPhone. Also included are Dropbox and WIFI transfer mode integration, which allows transferring PDF files and converted documents between the iPhone and other devices seamlessly.

PDF to Excel, PDF to Keynote and PDF to Numbers for the iPhone don’t require any active network connection facilitating instant and immediate conversions of PDF files to Excel, Keynote and Numbers format.

Finally, PDF2Office series for the iPhone also includes the capability to convert a specific area in a page using the innovative Area Select Tool. PDF to JPEG and PDF to PNG conversions are also supported using the Area Select Tool.

PDF2Office converts PDFs into editable Microsoft(R) Office, iWork, JPEG, PNG and other common files by recreating the intended construction and layout of the document; forming paragraphs; applying styles; regrouping independent graphic elements; extracting images; creating tables; all automatically without any manual intervention.

Key Features:

* PDF to Excel:
Convert PDF to Excel spreadsheet with data organized in tabulated columns and rows. Every page in the PDF is converted to a worksheet in the resulting Excel file

* PDF to Keynote:
Convert PDF to editable Keynote files that can readily be used with iPhone edition of Keynote. Every page is converted to a slide in the resulting Keynote file.

* PDF to Numbers:
Convert PDF to Numbers file ready for use on the iPhone. Each page in the PDF is converted to a separate sheet in the resulting Numbers file.

* Area select tool:
Mark just the area within a page to convert. You can convert just the marked area to Excel, Keynote, Numbers, JPEG or PNG types. The selected data can also be embedded automatically into new mail.

* Dropbox integration and WIFI Transfer mode:
Download PDF files from your Dropbox account and upload the converted results back to your Dropbox account. Wirelessly transfer files between your iPhone and other devices using WIFI transfer mode.

Pricing and Availability:
PDF2Office series for iPhone is available in the following configurations from the App Store: PDF to Excel is $4.99 (USD). PDF to Keynote is $4.99, and PDF to Numbers is $4.99.

PDF to Numbers by PDF2Office
PDF to Excel by PDF2Office
PDF to Keynote by PDF2Office
ScreenShot (PDF to Excel)
ScreenShot (PDF to Keynote)

Recosoft Corporation based in Osaka, Japan was founded in 1991 and is a leader in designing and delivering PDF converters and InDesign software solutions enhancing workflow automation and productivity. Copyright (C) 2013 Recosoft Corporation. ID2Office, PDF2Office, PDF2ID, PDFtoID are trademarks or registered trademarks of Recosoft Corporation in the US and/or other countries. Adobe and InDesign are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe System Incorporated in the US and/or other countries. Apple, Macintosh, Mac, are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. in the US and or other countries. All other trademarks are recognized and are the property of their respective owners.

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