Zoetermeer, Netherlands – VeprIT, developer of image processing software for Mac and iOS devices, is pleased to announce Resize Sense 1.6.0. Resize Sense (Macworld Gem 2012) is a flexible batch image resizer/cropper/converter for Mac known for its flexibility, convenience, and ability to save a lot of time on repetitive tasks. To illustrate its flexibility: using custom size and saving presets, it is easy to resize many images, each one to several different sizes, and save them in various formats with different filename patterns. All this in a single batch operation, in a few minutes!

Unlike most other batch image resizers, Resize Sense also allows to crop and straighten individual images manually if required, and copy these settings to other images. Resize Sense lets the user decide what to do if, for example, the image aspect ratio changes: crop, deform, or add borders. Or when the image is too small for the requested size: enlarge, extend canvas, skip, or just keep the original. Resize Sense also supports batch image transformations such as rotation and flipping.

While providing a great flexibility for professional users, Resize Sense is still relatively easy to use for novice users. It will save significant amounts of time for anybody wishing to send a number of images by e-mail, keep them on mobile devices, put them on a website with strict size requirements, etc.

Main features:
* Flexible resizing options – Resize Sense is designed to fulfill any batch resizing need as conveniently as possible
* Custom user presets. A user performing repetitive tasks only needs to configure the resizing and saving options once per task, and save them as presets. It is even possible to apply multiple size presets to every image. Resize Sense also supports saving presets for file naming rules and format settings
* Manual per-image, per-preset crop & straighten adjustment – Most other batch image resizers allow at best to align the crop rectangle to the left/right/top/bottom, but a better control is often required
* Batch image cropper & straightener functionality – Resize Sense can be used as a bulk image cropper and straightener, because it supports copying & pasting of the manual crop & straighten configuration between images
* Batch image format converter functionality – Resize Sense can be used to convert multiple images from any format supported by the operating system to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, and BMP
* Batch image transformations – Rotation by 90 and 180 degrees, horizontal and vertical flipping
* Live final image preview – The user can see immediately how the final image will look after cropping, extending with solid borders, or distorting
* Simple, intuitive, self-explanatory user interface – Although it is a complex professional tool, Resize Sense is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible

Resizing types:
* Fixed width and height – If the aspect ratio changes, you have a number of options to fix it
* Fixed width or height – The other dimension will be computed to preserve the original aspect ratio
* Fixed output image dimensions – They are assigned to width and height based on the original image orientation
* Fit to a box with defined width and height
* Fit to a box with defined dimensions
* Fixed longest edge size – The other dimension will be computed to preserve the required aspect ratio
* Fixed shortest edge size
* Fixed megapixel count – The width and height will be computed to preserve the required aspect ratio while achieving the required megapixel count
* Crop only – A special type for the case if only cropping (without specific sizing) is needed

Size units:
* Pixels
* Percents
* Inches
* Centimeters

Resolution units (available when defining size in inches or centimeters):
* Pixels per inch
* Pixels per centimeter

The following additional resizing options are available. If the original image is too small for the requested size, the user can choose to:
* Enlarge (up-sample) the image
* Extend the image with borders, transparent or of a solid color
* Do not save (skip) the image
* Copy the original image

If the image aspect ratio changes (the requested size is not proportional to the original), the user can choose to:
* Crop the image, aligning the crop rectangle as desired, or even adjusting it manually.
* Add solid borders of a customizable color.
* Deform the image.

Resize Sense has a companion application, VeprIT’s flexible batch image watermarking utility Watermark Sense. The two applications are mutually integrated to act as a single application if needed, while keeping things so simple and straightforward as possible. Together they form a flexible and efficient image processing toolset for web publishing and similar needs, for those who need to obtain top quality results quickly and easily.

New in Resize Sense 1.6.0:
* Integrated batch image metadata (IPTC/EXIF) editor
* Integration with Watermark Sense, VeprIT’s flexible batch image watermarking utility
* User option to remember the last used size presets after relaunch
* User option to save compressed or uncompressed TIFF files
* User interface improvements and redesign
* Behavior improvements and bug fixes
* No more Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) support

“It is rare that I ever come across a piece of software that I find so immediately intuitive – and Resize Sense achieves that without sacrificing any features or functionality.” – J. Glenn Kunzler, MacTrast Managing Editor.

“Resize Sense 1.3 is a simple app that does some complex things in a relatively intuitive way. The program provides excellent user documentation to guide you to exactly the setting you need. If you have to resize or crop single or batches of images on a regular basis, you’ll be glad to leave the heavy lifting to Resize Sense.” – Jackie Dove, Macworld Senior Editor.

“Resize Sense is a great batch image editing and converting tool that does the bulk of the work for you when dealing with repetitive image tasks, serving as an all-in-one solution for resizing and cropping images to exactly the right form and layout for your needs every single time.” – J. Glenn Kunzler, MacTrast Managing Editor.

“Resize Sense is an all-in-one batch resizer and cropping tool that will save both time and tedious labor in getting one image – or hundreds of images – to exactly the right size for webpages, email, and layouts.” _ Jackie Dove, Macworld Senior Editor.

“Congratulation for your software, after long search this is the more flexible, powerful and stable.” – Carlo Vigiani, Viggiosoft.

“I bought this app a couple of days ago and am finding it great… Resizing images has ceased to be a chore. The layout couldn’t be simpler, all on the one screen, very easy to organise your work. I really like the ability to resize to various dimensions all at the same time. Great price and really fast.” – lensable, Resize Sense user (review on the Mac App Store Ireland).

“I recently bought your app and I must say that after many, many, many trials of similar software, yours is the best for my massive bulk resizing. Simply, fast and careful.” – Eddie, Resize Sense user.

“There are many batch image resizers around. However, when using them, we constantly came across needs they could not serve. For example, it is great to be able to align the crop rectangle to the left/top, but we often need more: a manual cropping control for specific images! Sometimes cropping is not the preferred solution when the image aspect ratio changes, deforming or canvas extension does a better job… Being unable to find a solution flexible enough to serve all such needs, we decided to create our own. We did our best to make Resize Sense so flexible and convenient as possible, and keep working on that.” – Demid Borodin, VeprIT founder and Resize Sense developer.

System Requirements:
Resize Sense 1.6.0 requires a 64-bit Intel-based Apple computer with Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) or later. Earlier Resize Sense versions also work on Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.5 (Leopard).

Pricing and Availability:
Resize Sense 1.6.0 is available for $17.99 (USD). The license can be purchased at the application web page. A trial version of Resize Sense (which adds a watermark to the saved images) is freely available for download at the application web page. Resize Sense is also available on the Mac App Store.

Resize Sense 1.6.0
User Guide
YouTube Video (Overview)
Press Kit (zip)

VeprIT is a bootstrapped software company founded in 2011 in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. VeprIT develops image processing software for Mac and iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch). At VeprIT, we aim at hiding all the complexity behind a very simple and intuitive user interface. VeprIT also offers custom software development and consulting services focusing on Mac OS, iOS, and embedded systems. Copyright (C) 2011-2013 VeprIT. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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