Reston, Virginia – Software and Computer Systems Company, LLC, (SCSC) has released Performance Probe for the Mac OS X Operating System. Performance Probe is an operating system tool that allows users to monitor the overall effective loading of their systems while in use. Other system tools on the market typically only report basic data on current memory consumption, CPU utilization, or drive free space. Performance Probe differs by launching several threaded timing probes into the operating system environment and measuring the amount of timing delays they detect while the system is in use. Performance Probe will be included in all releases of Scannerz with FSE or FSE-Lite at no cost, and can also be purchased as a standalone product.

“The Performance Probe is really an outgrowth of our Scannerz line of products,” stated Bill Wagner, the company owner. “Many people have problems that mimic hard drive problems. They experience delays, slow loading applications, or poor performance, and yet tests using standard tools, such as Activity Monitor, don’t really indicate anything abnormal is going on. What people fail to understand is that some applications may lock or synchronize operations, effectively blocking or slowing down the operation of other applications or the operating system itself. When problems like this occur, the system may show no abnormal memory consumption or a lack of free drive space, and the CPUs may indicate they’re not overloaded. The problems are not the user’s imagination, they’re quite real. When a system is undergoing slow downs like this, Performance Probe will detect them, as well as problems associated with resource depletion.”

“The Performance Probe is easy to use. All a user needs to do is start it and monitor its display. There are three indicators on the application that correspond to I/O, memory, and CPU effectiveness. The displays show, for all practical purposes, the effective computing power that a user may have at a given instant.”

SCSC has indicated that Performance Probe will now be part of their Scannerz with FSE and Scannerz with FSE-Lite packages. Current registered product owners will be given the opportunity to download the latest updates within the next few days. Performance Probe may also be purchased as a standalone product.

Pricing and Availability:
SCSC has indicated that the price for the standalone version of Performance Probe is $7.95 (USD). The tool is now a standard part of both the Scannerz with FSE and Scannerz with FSE-Lite packages.

Performance Probe for Mac OS X
Scannerz with FSE-Lite for Mac OS X

Software and Computer Systems Company, LLC (SCSC) was formed in 2005. It is legally licensed to do business as a limited liability company in accordance with the laws of the State of Virginia. Originally, SCSC focussed on producing its own line of cross platform software tools using Java. The applications consisted of performance enhancing application tools, engineering and scientific tools, and tools for the medical sciences. In 2008, SCSC changed its focus and became dedicated primarily to developing products for use on the Mac OS X and IOS operating systems. SCSC’s product line up for Mac OS X currently consists of Scannerz with FSE, Scannerz with FSE-Lite, Scannerz Lite, Performance Probe, Phoenix, FSE, and SpotOff with Spot-O-Meter. Copyright (C) 2005-2013 Software and Computer Systems Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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