Toronto, Canada – Senomix Software has released Senomix Timesheets for mobile devices, a time tracking solution for iPad, iPhone and Android platforms. Ready for use with modern tablets and phones, Senomix Timesheets links employees into an office’s own private network through which effort tracking data can be shared between in-house and out-of-office staff. An innovative solution developed using the latest WebSocket and HTML5 networking technologies, Senomix Timesheets provides a clean and fast user experience which allows individuals to connect and submit effort hours with minimum disruption to their work day.

With all data automatically synchronized on an office’s server the moment a user saves their time, employees can enter a full week’s timesheet, or record information daily or hourly from their Android device or Apple iPhone or iPad as best fits their work habits. Linked with Senomix’s desktop Windows and Mac computer applications, time tracking data is immediately available for reference by managers and accounts staff for client billing and project scheduling, providing a way to coordinate employee work wherever staff are located. With reports ready for direct use with Microsoft Excel and integration options available for QuickBooks and other payroll and billing systems, Senomix Timesheets provides a simple solution for an office’s project, billing, and payroll management.

Available both through a Software as a Service (SaaS) plan starting from $9.50 (USD) per-user per-month, or as a licensed system installed on an office’s own computer network for a one-time charge, Senomix provides a coordinated time tracking solution which streamlines an office’s collection of billable hours in whatever deployment suits their business. Whether an office would prefer to manage project information internally on their own computers, or would rather outsource maintenance and deployment of their office tools through a connected service, Senomix provides a solution which suits any office’s information technology and data management practices.

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Senomix Software Inc. was founded in 2003 to create office management software with the robustness and reliability of the mission-critical systems on which a modern business depends. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Senomix provides time and expense tracking software for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iPad, iPhone, Linux and mixed-environment offices. Copyright (C) 2003-2013 Senomix Software Inc. All Rights Reserved. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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