Seattle, Washington – Announcing the launch of SmartDay Online, a web-based organizer and planner that integrates Events, Tasks, Notes and Projects – and syncs them to device apps on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Android devices. SmartDay makes life easier by automatically organizing tasks into the available time between calendar appointments and meetings, showing exactly what can be accomplished each day. The web version is free for basic features, and can be accessed from any browser. Full-featured device versions are available for purchase by download. The release also introduces SmartShare, a project-sharing and collaboration tool for use in business, school and at home.

Adaptive Logic:
SmartDay makes it easy to sort and filter tasks from various projects & categories into one combined list. It then automatically schedules them directly into the calendar, finding available time between other appointments and meetings. As time progresses and the day wears on, tasks that aren’t completed simply ‘follow’ the calendar and move to the next day, so that nothing ever gets missed.

Project Sharing:
Now in public beta, SmartDay Online offers a new feature called SmartShare that enables project sharing with anyone. Projects and their included Events, Notes, and Tasks can be shared between any group of people – great for work teams, study groups, or just for families sharing todo’s and schedules. In SmartShare, Tasks can be assigned to other group members, and all members can collaborate at both the project and task level through conversations. Conversation updates are automatically pushed from SmartDay Online to SmartDay for iPhone, iPad, and for Max OS X.

iPhone and iPad Version:
This Universal version for iPhone and iPad runs on both devices but has features unique to each. It can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for $9.99 or foreign equivalent. It features 7-day scheduling logic, Week and Month planners, a built-in timer for recording calls and meetings, and geo location for mapping meetings and filtering tasks according to location.

Mac OS X Version:
The Mac version features a slim organizer profile that drops down from the top of the screen and can be docked to either side of the desktop for easy reference while working on other applications. When needed, full-screen Week and Month planners fold out. It syncs directly with the Calendar of OS X Mavericks, allowing quick integration with Calendars on OS X including any external calendars that may be connected, such as Google and Outlook. It can be downloaded from the Mac App Store for $19.99 or foreign equivalent.

Android Version:
SmartDay for Android retails for $4.99 (or foreign equivalent) on Google Play and runs on most Android phones as well as 7 and 10 inch tablets. It synchronizes seamlessly with SmartDay Online. The Android version does not support SmartShare.

All SmartDay versions sync directly with SmartDay Online.

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