Wellington, New Zealand – shinywhitebox today is pleased to announce that their next major screen casting solution, iShowU Studio 1.0 for OS X has been scheduled for late March 2014. Specifically geared towards the consumer and beginner prosumer market, iShowU Studio focuses on providing simplified post-recording editing and publishing of captured footage.

iShowU Studio shares several of the same features of the popular iShowU HD and iShowU Pro applications, including ease-of-use, camera capture, keyboard/mouse compositing, and upload services to YouTube and Vimeo. iShowU Studio also includes a full colour correction pipeline from import through to export, hardware accelerated H264 recording for Mavericks OS X, and many other useful tools. Although additional features will be revealed by the company over the next few weeks, iShowU Studio will support the following features at launch:

* Full screen editing UI (optional at user’s discretion)
* Optional capture of camera while recording
* Capture of up to two audio streams (microphone and computer audio)
* Capture of mouse and key press events
* Track-based editor that allows clip arranging
* Easy trimming of entire composition and segments
* Ability to draw various shapes (text included) at any point in time over the composition
* Easy ripple-delete
* Super easy Pan/zoom tool
* Ability to add further media
* Freeze framing
* Slicing (used to split segments apart)
* Ability to annotate audio and create freeze frames at the same time
* Crop to a smaller area than the full screen
* Grouping via Collections
* Media manager
* Publication history
* Color Correct editing pipeline
* Ability to export in 480p, 540p, 720p or 1080p
* Built in upload support for both YouTube and Vimeo

One of the highlighted features of iShowU Studio is its Freeze Frame capability. Usually a multi-part process that includes addition of the frozen frame, recording of new audio, and setting up various opacity and audio ramps, iShowU Studio has incorporated this process into one single operation that will create the frozen frame, insert this with the same duration as the recorded audio, and create audio ramps between the new and existing audio.

“We’re very excited about the upcoming release of iShowU Studio,” says Neil Clayton of shinywhitebox. “We’ve had a very successful beta test through MacDeveloper and think users will be thrilled with all the features our full-screen capture and editing program includes. We look forward to sharing iShowU Studio with the world in March.”

System Requirements:
* OS X 10.9 Mavericks or higher

Pricing and Availability:
iShowU Studio will be available in late March for $89.95 (USD). Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.

iShowU Studio

shinywhitebox is a very small Internet-based product development company founded in early 2006 by Neil Clayton. Neil has been developing software for over 15 years, both personally and professionally. The realization of concepts into concrete bits of “nice to use” software has been his passion in computing for just as long. shinywhitebox was formed to focus this energy as a commercial venture; the essence being to provide outstanding Mac software at a reasonable price. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2006-2014 shinywhitebox. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and Mac OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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