Toronto, Canada – Magnetic Studio is proud to announce that their air combat game Sky Battles has been launched on Steam Greenlight and it’s off to a pretty good start. Sky Battles is a game where you battle against large iron beasts with different abilities. Krakens, dragons, robots and helicopters seek you out. Barrel roll, dodge, dive bomb and out wit these hellish behemoths.

There are two game modes that will keep players entertained. The single player mode involves destroying large mechanical bosses and collecting gems, all within a limited time. Collect gems and destroy big bad bosses before time runs out. The online multiplayer modes allows players to dogfight against human opponents online. Multi-platform in multiplayer is supported, allowing PC players to combat against mobile based players. The games also has upgradable weapons like missiles, air mines and cloaking and fantastic dynamic environments. The game will launch on iOS, Android, PC and Mac in mid 2014.

* Single Player mode with various enemies
* Multi-Platform Online Multiplayer
* Compete against PC, Mac, iOS and Android users
* Leaderboards
* Fantastic dynamic environments
* Multiple upgradable weapons like missiles, air mines and cloaking
* Collect gems and destroy big bad bosses before time runs out
* Barrel Roll, Loops, Dodging, Strategy
* Built using Unity3D

Magnetic Studio
Sky Battles
Steam Greenlight Community
YouTube Video (Trailer)
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