Surrey, United Kingdom – UK based smart-phone App developer ‘Sky-Flo’ has announced the future release of a brand new mobile application designed to provide users with a means to track and countdown time until important events, in a fun and inventive way. The application, aptly named, Countdown 365, will provide users with a fully interactive platform from which they are able to view a real-time countdown until an event, customised however they choose with photo’s, background images, display options and categories.

The Countdown 365 application has been conscientiously designed to allow for maximum user interactivity with virtually every aspect of the app being customisable. The layout is clean and user friendly while the aesthetic outlook has been intentionally chosen to be fun and engaging. The appeal of ‘Countdown 365’ extends to the convenience which is provided by a organisational tool which helps users keep abreast of a approaching important events or dates.

The app includes a range of useful features which allow the user full control of how the events are tracked and displayed. Another innovative feature is the ability for users to import birthdays and national holiday dates ‘in app’ directly from the users iPhone contacts. Having a category feature built into the application means users of all inclinations can effectively keep track of a wide range of events, which can be sorted by order from within the category group. Sky-Flo Apps have ensured that user interactivity has been paramount in the design and development of ‘Countdown 365’ and the options for users to customise most elements is reflective of this concept.

Countdown 365 will be released on the Apple App Store on the 13th December 2012 where a free Lite version will be available. To be notified on the day of launch of Countdown 365 as well as receiving any of their special promotions visit Skyflo’s launch page sign up.

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Sky Flo Apps is a mobile application company that specialises in developing high quality mobile applications for the Apple Appstore. Skyflo produce apps that relieve everyday stress and give users the necessary tools to better organize and manage their lives so that they can free up more time to do the things in life that they want to do. (C) 2012 Skyflo / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, the iPod logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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