Mukilteo, Washington – Sphero-inspired mobile game, Sphero Glide, being developed for the iPad, iPhone, and the Android by the GRAIKA brothers, has revealed itself to the 2012 Blur Conference. Blur is the only conference that is exploring the line of interaction between computers and humans in a substantive, real-world and hands-on way. At Blur, vendors, strategists, buyers and visionaries assemble to not only discuss the larger issues of HCI, but also to lay their hands on the latest in HCI technology. Blur is the only forum for a focused, hands-on exploration of the varied technologies evolving in the HCI.

The CEO at Orbotix, Paul Berberian, talks about the importance of including fun as part of innovation and the challenges that companies face trying to make tech fun for all ages. People are already tweeting about both the excitement of having a sphero and the development of Sphero Glide. Using the sphero, players will be able to play Sphero Glide using realistic hands-on flight simulation in a Unity3D environment.

Since the showing at this year’s Blur Conference, Sphero Glide has hit 70% on its kickstarter campaign and needs only 3k to reach its 10k pledge goal. With just under 3 weeks to go, sphero and mobile gamers are encouraged to help back the project. Backers will be given great rewards if the campaign hits its pledge goal.

To entice people into backing the game, the rewards have been tweaked up. The $10 and $100 rewards have been changed to Early Bird Specials. The first 1000 Sphero Glide T-Shirts are now $10 instead of $25. Backers will also get the rest of the original $25 prizes with this $10 Pledge (for the first 1000 backers). Secondly, the first 20 $100 pledge backers will get the Sphero Ball, Sphero Glide T-Shirt, Exclusive In-game Bat Glider, and the Thank You Letter signed by the Graika Brothers.

Kickstarter campaigns are “all or nothing”, which means if the pledge goal is not reached, Sphero Glide will not receive any funding. Check out Sphero Glide on facebook, twitter, and also on its kickstarter page. Be a part of Sphero Glide’s development and receive your very own revolutionary sphero to use for your iOS device.

Sphero Glide on KickStarter
Blur Con 2012
YouTube Video

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