Based in Singapore – A spellbinding new app delivers an exciting game that takes players on a magical journey through an enchanted forest.

Called Starry duo, each level of the 20-level game is crafted as an individual episode of the full story and, unlike so many other games, each level introduces entirely new elements.

Starry duo challenges you to navigate your way through a mystical forest inhabited by hordes of other-worldly creatures. Players control the sorcerer and sorceress flying through the trees. Collect stars to fuel your magic wand. Collect potions and acquire powerful spells. Search for wand upgrades to ward off the villainous creatures of the forest and their evil bosses. Befriend forest “Treelings” who will help you along the way.

Captivating music and sound effects keep players entranced in the battle of good against evil. Leader boards invoke competitive spirit among players.

At launch, Starry duo will have 20 levels and be available in English, Chinese, Japanese, French and Portuguese with more languages in development.

Level 20 features “Dust Vader.” Born a lowly Dust, it fed on the bodies of so many villains that it transformed into a supreme evil. It can morph between being a giant Dust and dozens of dust soldiers and is deathly. Avoid at all costs!

Created by Mono Interactive, an indie single-founder hybrid studio based in Singapore, the Starry duo app is now available to qualified reviewers for prelaunch review. The game will be unveiled to the general public on the Apple iOS App Store worldwide on 6 March 2014.

Developer Hon Tat Ong, a self-taught new media designer and developer with 14 years of experience, says, “I have a passion to use the latest technology to deliver enticing and fun experiences to people. I also wanted to create a challenging, nonviolent game that is visually stimulating and exciting. At Mono Interactive we are committed to continue to develop and expand the Starry duo game with more levels, challenges and features.”

Reviewers can obtain a promo code to download the app by writing to Mono Interactive. The website contains the full media kit including icon, screenshots and videos.

Starry duo
YouTube Video
Press Kit

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