Saint Paul, Minnesota – Having a SunLeaf Pro in your pack means you are only a sunny day away from a fully charged iPad. Imagine charging your iPad on the side of a mountain, how about somewhere warmer, like the beach, or a desert! All possibilities when you have the SunLeaf Pro in your pack. It has the perfect combination of portability and power.

The SunLeaf Pro is a portable and lightweight solar charger designed to charge the iPad 3 (Newest Model). The unique folding design allows for maximum power when expanded while still folding up to be just 1/8th the expanded size! The lightweight synthetic fabric is both durable and water proof, inside the fabric are 6 solar panels producing 15 Watts of power. Plenty of power to charge the demanding iPad 3. The 15 watt SunLeaf Pro is the perfect solar charger to keep your gadgets charged during your extended treks around the globe:

* Powerful: Charges iPad 3 (newest model) to 50% in 4.5 hours, iPad 2 to 50% in 3 hours, and iPhone 4S charges fully in under 2.5 hours
* Lightweight: Only 1.5lbs! ~.68Kg
* Smart Construction: No rigid corners means maximum portability and easy packing

The SunLeaf Pro can provide power to your other USB gadgets as well. The SunLeaf Pro’s USB port is universal and works with most USB gear. Guaranteed to work between the temperatures of -35f to 110f. Includes USB AA/AAA battery charger and 2 rechargeable AA batteries.

Pricing and Availability:
The SunLeaf Pro is $179.99 MSRP. The box includes one SunLeaf Solar Charger, one USB voltage controller, and one Quick Start Guide.

SunLeaf Pro
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Product Image
Product Image

Based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, SunLeaf Solar was established in early 2011 by a team of outdoor enthusiasts. The company’s mission is to provide affordable and high quality solar chargers to individuals all around the world. We strive to keep over-head low so as to be able to offer our products at prices that many can afford. Copyright (C) 2012 SunLeaf Solar. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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