Sunnyvale, California – With its first foray into Kickstarter, consumer technology company IPEVO has launched its AT-ST Video Stand for iPhone Kickstarter project on August 20th. The project is seeking a total of $30,000 for a period of 30 days to bring the AT-ST stand from its present prototype phase to the completion of an initial manufacturing run. Kickstarters pledging $29 or more will receive a phone stand as a reward for backing the project.

IPEVO is known for its iconic line of document cameras as well as a variety of other education, business, and consumer technology products. As conceived, the AT-ST Video Stand for iPhone is the company’s first phone stand. According to the Kickstarter page, “the idea for the AT-ST came about from the everyday hassle of shooting video with an iPhone.” AT-ST features a multi-jointed swing-arm which positions the user’s iPhone 5 or 4 at any height and angle for applications like FaceTime, for photograph and video capture, and for general use and viewing.

AT-ST’s swing-arm may be positioned by hand due to a finely-tuned tension in the joints, and does not require knobs or screws. A weighted base provides a sturdy foundation, and a specially-designed phone clamp at the end of the arm allows for firm yet quick phone mounts and unmounts. Additional features include a cord clip in the middle of the swing-arm, which keeps the charge cord managed and out of the way. iPhone may be charged while mounted in the holder.

IPEVO offers a six-tier rewards system. A pledge of $1 will result in a Thank-You email. A pledge of $15 comes with five touchscreen wipes. Kickstarters pledging $29 will receive a black AT-ST Video Stand, an offer limited to the first 20 backers. Kickstarters pledging $49 will receive a black AT-ST Video Stand, an offer limited to 50 backers. A $69 pledge also results in a black AT-ST Video Stand (with no limit on the number of backers). Finally, a $99 pledge will get the backer a limited-edition white AT-ST Video Stand. These special white units, limited to 150, will not be mass-produced.

“We’re tech users ourselves, and we saw a clear problem with shooting video using iPhone,” said Royce Hong, CEO and big head of design for IPEVO. “Handheld video is usually poor, and it’s difficult to achieve the right framing, particularly when capturing yourself. The existing scant selection of phone stands are tripod-based and don’t offer flexibility of position or angle. As we envision, the AT-ST delivers a firm, versatile iPhone mount that transcends handheld quality problems as well as the limitations of conventional tripod stands. We feel it will be the best iPhone stand available.”

The Kickstarter page for the IPEVO AT-ST Video Stand for iPhone has gone live on August 20th. Support us and help us reach $30,000 goal on Kickstarter before the campaign ends.

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AT-ST Video Stand for iPhone

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