Geneva, Switzerland – DigiDNA today is happy to announce the availability of DiskAid 6.5 on Windows (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1). DiskAid now allows multi-devices simultaneous Wi-Fi file transfer between Windows-based PCs and any iOS device.

DiskAid is the first and foremost Wi-Fi capable iPhone file transfer software to allow wireless file transfer between iOS devices and computers either running Windows PC or Mac OS X.

Thanks to the very latest release users of both platforms will enjoy the same interface, features and unrivalled robustness. DiskAid compliments the iTunes transfer system by addressing its most important shortcomings, DiskAid namely allows:
* Access to iOS file system and Apps
* Use of devices as portable storage (Disk Use)
* Transfer of music from iOS devices back to iTunes libraries
* Transfer of device data such as SMS, iMessages, MMS, call logs and contacts to computers

The Windows version now lives up to it’s Mac sibling in terms of technology and features: it has been a year in the works and has been completely rewritten, a staggering 141000 lines of code.

Whats new in DiskAid 6.5 Windows:
* Wi-Fi connectivity
* Multi device support
* All new interface and brand new engine
* Simultaneous file transfer
* New PDF export for SMS and MMS
* Export MMS message attachments
* Export devices Contacts to Windows Contacts

Download the latest DiskAid version for Windows for free now.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 6.5.0
* 37.17

DiskAid for iOS 7 v6.5
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DigiDNA is an independent software developer company incorporated in 2008 under the name of DigiDNA Sarl in Geneva, Switzerland. From this quiet city nested near the snowy Alps it’s Dev Team writes software with pride and the precision youd expect from Swiss craftsmen. In 2011 DigiDNA opened a subsidiary office in Western Australia. This helps making sure their users get the right amount of sunshine and happiness from its dedicated support team located in the vibrant city of Geraldton. DigiDNA is committed to helping users get the most of their Apple mobile devices by providing efficient and innovative device management. DigiDNA proudly carries the SWISS LABEL. This marks its commitment to quality and guarantees that our products are made in Switzerland.

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