Based in New York – The Padcaster, a revolutionary iPad case that transforms Apple’s tablet into an on-the-go production studio, just announced the newest addition to its family of products: The Padcaster for iPad Air. The latest iPad to hit the market, iPad Air is a thinner, lighter and all around superior version of its predecessor. With 1080p HD video recording, tap to focus, video stabilization, 3x video zoom and other enhancements, iPad Air’s video recording capabilities are vastly improved from that of previous generations. Combined with the new A7 chip, which provides 64-bit architecture, advanced graphics and improved image signal processing, iPad Air is the fastest and best performing iPad yet, making it an even better match for The Padcaster. iPad Air owners wishing to hit the streets and shoot better video can pre-order The Padcaster for iPad Air now. Luckily for existing Padcaster users ready to make the switch to iPad Air, the Padcaster Air Adapter is also available now for pre-order, ready to transform the Padcaster into the perfect fit for iPad Air.

Topping the Charts This Holiday Season:
The Padcaster was recently named one of Moviemaker Magazine’s top 25 Indie-Friendly Businesses of 2013. It was also listed on Network World’s holiday gift guide for photo and video fans. “This product is devilishly simple. […] Insert your iPad, mount The Padcaster on a tripod, attach whatever lighting and other accessories you desire, and shoot away,” states C.J. Mathias, Network World. He adds, “The Padcaster allows an iPad to be secured for both field and studio work. Shaky-cam be gone!”

From Padcasting to Broadcasting:
Making a name for itself as a serious film and videography tool, The Padcaster continues to find its way into the hands of journalists, videographers and more. Recently, students from Stony Brook University’s journalism program used it to report remotely from the school’s homecoming celebrations. Additionally, Chris Carpenter, a curator and livestreamer for TEDxIndianapolis, found The Padcaster to be the ideal solution for producing footage of TEDx conferences. “The Padcaster was the catalyst that birthed the ‘what if/why not’ scenarios with storytelling that seemed out of reach with higher-end professional equipment,” states Carpenter. “The Padcaster has removed some significant barriers to the quality of footage, which only enhances the already sound features of the iPad as a platform. The right easel makes a world of difference in your ability to birth an image on a canvas.”

The Padcaster for iPad Air Special Holiday Pricing and Availability
The Padcaster for iPad Air Full Kit is available for pre-order now for $159 USD. The Padcaster Air Adapter is available for pre-order now for $14.99 USD. Visit The Padcaster website to pre-order.

About The Padcaster:
The Padcaster transforms an iPad into an on-the-go production studio, providing an easy and professional way for users to create stunning videos on the iPad. Perfect for professional and amateur videographers alike, The Padcaster is an aluminum frame with a urethane insert that securely holds the iPad for a safe and solid feel. Threaded holes lining the edges of the frame allow filmmakers to attach external mics, lights and countless other accessories to enhance the finished product. A standard 1/4-20 screw thread and locking-pin design centered on the bottom of The Padcaster lets users connect it to a professional tripod, monopod or shoulder mount for easy, smooth filming. Additional lenses can be attached via the Lenscaster, a separate accessory, to create a wider field of view or bring telephoto capabilities to the iPad’s fixed lens.

The Padcaster’s aluminum frame can also be used as a standalone DSLR cage. Filmmakers can rig a DSLR or other video camera into the cage, enabling them to attach numerous accessories to enhance their shoot.

The Padcaster for iPad Air
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Stony Brook University Using the Padcaster

Headquartered in New York’s Flatiron District, The Padcaster LLC is an innovative startup aimed at developing tools for filmmakers and videographers of all stages of development and skill levels. Established in 2012, its flagship title product, The Padcaster was made by and for videographers to fit the needs of just about any filmmaker working with the ever-expanding set of production tools and technology. The Padcaster is a trademark of The Padcaster LLC. All other trademarks, registered trademarks and products mentioned herein belong to their respective owners.

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