San Francisco, California –, a rapidly growing app locating service, is fast becoming the premier destination for consumers looking to discover the best apps available globally. The service is focused on simplifying the app discovering process and helping users sort out the best from the incredibly huge number of apps that are introduced to various app stores every day.

“Our team is dedicated to testing the top apps across various platforms, providing users with details of those that have left their mark on the app stores,” says James, chief spokesperson at “We will assist app enthusiasts in the process of finding the most notable apps out there, and are in the process of building an ever-expanding app database that will showcase the creations of developers who have reached many a milestone.”

The explosion of apps has created a flood of content that consumers are struggling to wade through. There is simply no way to get beyond a minuscule percentage of them according to industry experts. The App Lover is aiming to confront the problem head on by giving users easy access to the most popular and raved-about apps.

The service aims to fill a gap in the market created by the lack of information available to app users about the most compelling and riveting apps that are hitting the popularity charts worldwide. Users can browse through the expert reviews and recommendations to discover apps tailored for their specific tastes and needs.

The extremely user-friendly app directory is growing in popularity according to the company. It is helping millions of users by providing them a mobile app platform by highlighting those apps that are creating a sensation across the world and attracting maximum attention from mobile users and across various operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

TheAppLover platform covers every conceivable category in apps including the current hottest ones in the field of movies, culinary, games, books, social media, travel, business, music, fitness, and lots more. Users can choose from options like freshest apps, top paid apps, and free apps. The portal also provides detailed app reviews of the top-rated and most used ones to help users make the right choice quickly.

Users can download the latest apps that grip their imagination or just keep track of the ones that are steadily making their way up the popularity charts. App developers can take advantage of the ongoing holiday promotions to submit their apps in TheAppLover.


Located in San Francisco, California, is a one-stop app library that helps app followers discover the latest trailblazer apps from all over the world effortlessly. The mobile discovery platform offers the most popular and highest-rated apps for consumers from the millions of apps debuting on various app stores every day. Copyright (C) 2013 All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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