Clermont, Florida – Alec Larson and Karlton Tillman have announced their new app concept and crowd-speaking campaign “Fastlane,” a self-checkout application that would enable users to virtually skip the traditional checkout lines. The FastLane app would allow users to set up an online FastLane account, and add payment methods such as credit cards or bank accounts. The users information would then be stored securely in a FastLane account, which is accessible from the app on the users’ iOS or Android device.

While shopping, users could scan product barcodes and add products to a virtual cart. With the stored payment information, the user would simply check out on the app. After checking out on the app, the user would receive a digital receipt that can be scanned at Fastlane kiosk’s located near the entrance of the store to quickly complete the checkout, preventing shoplifting, saving receipt paper and, more importantly, a lot of time.

The Fastlane kiosks would of course also enable users to bag purchased items. To further prevent shoplifting, Fastlane could even implement kiosk attendants to quickly check items and receipts. RFID technology is also a very realistic option for select merchandise.

Implementing outstanding security in the payment processing software will be the absolute number one priority, however, getting the big brand stores to integrate the FastLane system will be one of the biggest challenges.

With the Fastlane system being such a progressive idea, the developers decided that the most effective way of bringing the app to market and overcoming the challenge of convincing stores that the Fastlane system is a very feasible checkout method, would be through a massive crowd-speaking campaign using Thunderclap.

Thunderclap Campaign
YouTube Video

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