Dublin, Ireland and Vancouver, Canada – Padraig Kennedy and Oisin Prendiville today announce Tokens for Mac, a valuable new tool to help iOS and Mac developers generate, share, and track promo codes. Developers use App Store promo codes to provide advance copies of their apps to media contacts or to give away copies of their apps in promotions. This has always been a notoriously awkward task, so the developers of Tokens have streamlined the entire process with this sleek new app.

Tokens focuses on improving promo codes in each of the following three areas:

1. Generating
Create app promo codes in one click.

2. Sharing
Automatically generated tokn.co URLs make promo codes a snap to share.

3. Tracking
Live notifications tell you which promo codes have been redeemed.

Easy to Generate:
Developers sign in to iTunes Connect to manage their apps for distribution on the iOS and Mac App Stores. One feature of iTunes Connect is the ability to generate promo codes for their apps. This is no mean feat however and generating a single promo codes can take 10 or more clicks. With Tokens, developers create app promo codes in one click. We wanted to make the process as easy as possible for developers so they don’t have to deal with iTunes Connect each time they want to generate a code.

Integrated Sharing:
Without Tokens, promo code recipients need to go to the App Store, find the redeem section, and manually enter the promo code. Tokens makes this a one click process by automatically generating private tokn.co links that make promo codes a snap to share. The link opens a simple but elegant page showing the app details and a redeem button. Clicking the redeem button instantly redeems the app on the recipient’s device. The recipient also has the option to redeem the token manually on another device.

Smart Tracking:
Traditionally, once a developer sends out a promo code, they have no way of knowing when, or if, it gets redeemed. Apple limits developers to only 50 promo codes for each version of their app so if any aren’t used, it’s a waste of valuable codes. Tokens instantly notifies the developer when promo codes have been redeemed. As soon as the recipient clicks the clicks redeem on the tokn.co page, Tokens will let them know.

Others Have Said:
“Tokens magically transforms annoyance into joy, making promo codes actually-usable.” – Cabel Sasser, Panic

“Tokens adds a beautiful UI to a previously long and annoying task. With the ability to track whether or not a token has been redeemed, promo code giveaway simply couldn’t get any better.” – Sam Vermette, The Transit App

“Beautiful. Simple. iOS & Mac App Store promo codes done right.” – Dermot Daly, ll Organiser, Tapadoo

“Sending out codes to the press is no longer a nightmare” – Alaric Cole,

Pricing and Availability:
Tokens is now available now. Tokens is free for developers to use with one of their apps. The full version ($29) allows them to generate, share and track promo codes for all their apps across all their developer accounts. A corporate license ($199) allows all members of one organisation to use Tokens. The developers are offering a $100 discount on this price until 27th November.

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Tokens is a collaboration between Oisin Prendiville and Padraig Kennedy. Oisin is based in Dublin, Ireland. He previously developed the My Artists iPhone app. Padraig lives in Vancouver, Canada and previously worked on Mountee and Picturescue for Mac. Copyright (C) 2012 Oisin Prendiville and Padraig Kennedy. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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